Stretch fiber of XLA

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2008, stretch fiber of XLA™ of will new generation uses department of facilities of fiber of spin of contented family name successfully in bull-puncher fabrics, for bull-puncher market infuse fashionable vigor, also brought new revolution. On August 29, ministry of facilities of fiber of spin of contented family name hand in hand DAZZLE of brand of partner —— dress and group of day rainbow spin are in industrial catenary artistic center of Shanghai south bank rolls out a theme to release ego for “ , return to the nocturnal ” of the “XLA™ bull-puncher of perfect ” . The high-tech that with flexibility of XLA™ of family name of new generation contented fiber place has, high quality characteristic Xiang Hui is mirrorred, whole activity used a series of high-tech methods, in Yi Zhen also in the mysterious atmosphere of unreal, deduced accumulate the bull-puncher that stretch fibrous of XLA™ of the family name that contain contented represents international vogue tide more than times 20Dress, bring honored guests unprecedented visual sumptuous dinner, will fashionable brandish is aspersed incisively and vividly!

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