European Union next year implements the plastic code that contacts with food

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The reporter pledges from the country the center knows code of standard of check total bureau, the European Union already decided to will be applied to recently a certain number of kind as plastic as what food contacts specific and migratory be restricted to be worth transfer period lengthen, in including cap gasket among them a certain number of kind model changes an agent. Specific and migratory be restricted to be worth is when showing material and food are contacted migratory the set limit to that enters provision. About what contact with food plastic the European Union code that reachs plastic product (via castigatory 2002/72/EC date dictates) will prohibit a certain number of kind material and food contact, approve use many kinds of other data. The material that wins approval must accord with specific use condition to reach specific and migratory be restricted to be worth (milligram / kilogram) .

As we have learned, code of 372/2007 name is listed temporarily specific and migratory be restricted to be worth, withdraw the market in order to ensure the person that offset is expended makes the cap of heavy gale danger and provision immediately. Temporarily specific and migratory be restricted to be worth what in applying to cap gasket, contact with grease food is plastic, according to concerning the average edible of food quantity and the guide that European food security bureau provided in March 2006 are calculated, this guideline points out, 9 into the grease food that loads vitreous bottle, its model changes agent content to be every kilogram food under 300 milligram.

According to injunction of 2002/72/EC order, member country is needed on May 1, 2008 or before adopt measure, those who allow to accord with place of code of 372/2007 name to set temporarily specific and migratory the cap gasket that is restricted to be worth is in freedom of European Union each district is current. Member country also is needed by since June 30, 2008, namely in code of 372/2007 name temporarily specific and migratory be restricted to be worth expire that day, prohibit production and entrance violate compasses cap gasket. Nevertheless, food industry person reach cap to produce business to informed Europe in December 2007 appoint meeting, to July 2008, the person that the market will do not have the enough cap that accords with injunction of 2002/72/EC order to offer food job packs main provision, if immerge is oily, sweet,garlic sauce reachs the food of grease sauce.

To this, person person shows inside course of study, the solution that food packs manufacturing business to need more time to choose to apply to its product and undertake concerned a test, the reason is they were not the cap of all and different measurement to find appropriate solution. In addition, the grease food that packs with plastic cap is belonged to seasonal product, and food production business may need a few time to choose the cap that applies to its product to reach undertake concerned a test.

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