Hasten of world sulfureous supply and demand is firm

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Home is at present vitriolic, Phosphate fertilizerThe industry is paying close attention to enterprise of China of second half of the year sulfureous contract negotiates, the world also is paying close attention to the trend of Chinese phosphate fertilizer. ICEC announces the sulfureous price of Si Tan of Russia of second half of the year, Kazakstan came for 800 dollars 2008 825 dollars / ton; Quote of Canadian near future is in 850 dollars / or so tons; A couplet chief of a tribe reachs 1000 dollars to the quote of OCP, CCP / ton. Of sulfureous price go potential is immediate matter to vitriolic and phosphorous answer fat industry.

   Phosphorous answer fertilizer produces 3 fold

During was worth domestic spring to carry in January, power supply of province yield phosphor is tight, difficulty of the carry outside phosphate fertilizer affects the production of phosphorous answer fertilizer then; Produced phosphorous province to confront freezing disaster in Feburary, reduction of output is close 400 thousand tons; Phosphorous answer fat enterprise is in the high concentration that produced phosphorous province in March the country is various of the government support energetically below, renew power supply, increase phosphorous answer fertilizer, phosphorite to be carried external, crop achieves the history best level is 1.31 million tons, grow 17 compared to the same period. 1% ; Continued to maintain high and stable yields in April, achieve 1.28 million tons, assured “ the spring ploughing of area of 3 north ” uses fertilizer.

Phosphorous answer fat enterprise is in assure to while home is supplied, continue to be exported energetically achieve collect, the international that should go up in order to export to be being climbed ceaselessly is sulfureous the price, the reappearance that also is enterprise oneself is exhibited raised money capital. In the meantime, the country produces needs agriculture to use fertilizer to keep domestic food, came on stage to father continuously the adjusting control policy that controls chemical fertilizer export, came in March answer fertilizer exported our country phosphor in April scram, may is contract of executive the rest only. Phosphate fertilizer market nots allow hopeful

Market of domestic phosphate fertilizer from beginning of spring not hopeful. Because of sulfureous 2007 rise in price more than, phosphorous answer fertilizer produces cost to rise ceaselessly, be forced finally to rise in price. But the attune on commissariat price is finite, the farmer accepts the price very hard the phosphor of ceaseless rise answer fertilizer, first half of the year phosphoric acid of 3 north area 2 ammonium consumption dropped 25% to 30% . There was not sales volume almost more in May, NPK answer fat enterprise has 60% stop production, reduction in production, enterprise of DAP, MAP also is in in succession stop production overhaul. Annulus compared yield of countrywide phosphate fertilizer in May drop 11% , drop compared to the same period 4.8% ; Among them annulus of answer fertilizer crop compares high concentration phosphor drop 18.2% , drop compared to the same period 1.4% . Answer fertilizer company enters major in June phosphor hardship period, press statistical bureau data, in June domestic output only 1.08 million tons, annulus comparing drops 6% , it is to drop substantially more compared to the same period 15.7% . This kind of tremendous fall extent is to come to what have not appears for years, situation of phosphate fertilizer market is very grim.

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