Brazil plans to found with oil natural resources dominion fund

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Brazilian mineral products and energy minister Ai Disen·Luobaao discloses 19 days, brazilian government is considering to establish fund of a dominion, so that use the oil resource in coastal waters discovery better.

On the joint meeting that concerns ministries and commissions in a few when held that day, brazilian government ministers were analysed a few otherer national experience, made contrast with Brazilian circumstance.

Luobaao says: These “ countries established relevant dominion fund almost, the gain that scores from oil is put to this fund, among them one part comprises national finance to lay in, still can use this one fund to arrive overseas investment. ”

Brazilian Petroleum Company announced to discover graph skin is deep-sea last year oil field, reserve is about 5 billion reach 8 billion pails. Discovered Kaliaoka again this year in April oil field, reserve is controlled in 33 billion pails. On August 11, in Sangtuosi one belt of basin discovered main light qualitative oil again, reserve still is not clear about.

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