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Home is the longest next year of channel of finished product vitta offers oil to
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Our country is current Lan Zheng of the oil in —— of the longest path of finished product vitta grows project of path of finished product vitta, in me the province goes well. Last week, pass through successfully should city big Fu Shuihe. Before this, conduit already passed through natural barrier of the Yangtse River. According to the program, lan Zheng grows path of finished product vitta to will offer oil to Hubei in May at next year.
' of ' oily dragon passes through I visit 10 counties urban district
Lan Zheng grows conduit from western base of main oil gas treatment and terminal Lanzhou set out, classics Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Hubei 5 provinces 67 counties town, arrive at Hunan Changsha. Conduit is defeated by branch line to comprise by 16 an artery, cent, overall length 3179 kilometers. The project always invests 100 million yuan about a hundred. This is a span big, distance is long, lose an amount big, investment the road of finished product vitta with high rate of much, automation.
Trunk conduit is 376.7 kilometers in Hubei churchyard overall length, by way of 10 counties urban district, feel area of city, yellow Bei, new to realize county of county, filial piety prosperous, filial piety greatly respectively city of city of area of summer of area of city of state of continent area, another name for Hubei province, Hong Shan, river, Xian Ning, Chibi. Be in should city building has a branch line, answer even the oil in connecting directly town tank farm.
Lan Zheng grows conduit on August 18, 2007 strike a light opens solder, the plan is mechanical on December 31 this year finishing. This year on July 31, lanzhou comes Zhengzhou paragraph principal part is great be well versed in, two lakes (Hubei Hunan) paragraph undertaking in insecurity at present. According to the plan, orchid Zheng Duan will be used at was being thrown in March next year, all fronts will be enabled in May at next year. I save churchyard to stay 3 are defeated by oily mouth
Orchid Zheng long conduit will be in cent of filial piety feeling, Wuhan, salty peaceful construction loses a station, pass these 3 exit, in a steady stream offers oil to Hubei ceaselessly.
Hubei paragraph design year carry ability to be 6.5 million tons. About personage analysis, normally a train is pulled carry tank truck box 48, if carry derv, volume is 2400 tons about. If carry benzine, can carry 2000 tons. And 6.5 million tons transport power, use gas is equivalent to basically annual 3250 trains, carry derv is equivalent to 2708 trains basically, be equivalent to everyday nearly 10 trains ship finished product oil toward Wuhan direction.
2007, hubei saves finished product oily consumption to be 5.8 million tons. After conduit investment is used, will save finished product oil to supply for me offer strong prop up.
Pass through the Yangtse River employs the world the oldest drilling machine
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