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Jiangxi will make base of 50 provincial properties
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Trade of Jiangxi province classics appoint made a few days ago " a certain number of opinions that develop about advancing me to visit industrial base further " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) , basis " opinion " , breed to 2010 form base of 30 provincial properties, breed to 2012 form base of 50 provincial properties.

   [the current situation] :

Industrial assemble effect is initial show

The development that develops the strategy as area is carried out and of pace of region economy structural adjustment accelerate, I save an industry to developed to had been finished from initiative the transition that forms governmental guiding. The dominant industry of a lot of places grows pace to accelerate, industrial characteristic is increasingly apparent, industrial assemble effect is initial show.

2007, the industrial base such as dress of spin of lake of tungsten of city of Nanchang car and industry of industry of accipitral pool copper, new Yu Guangfu, component industry, another name for Jiangxi Province and rare earth industry, green hill comes true in all advocate business Wu income 146 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 15.5 billion yuan, all relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 30% above, take industry of above of complete province dimensions respectively 23.4% with 25.5% . I save industrial base goose-step to enter fast growth, cost-effective development period. But the development of industrial base still is in start level, still put in a few problems that deserve attention, main show is in: Industrial program administrative levels is not high, bibcock business is not much, own brand is lacked, capability of industrial form a complete set is not strong wait.

[target] :

Breed form base of 50 provincial properties

According to " opinion " requirement, the industry such as information of facility for transporting of dress of the coloured that my province breeds the key development to have definite advantage, steely, smooth hot season, food, spin, traffic, chemical industry, building materials, medicine, electron and home appliance base. Breed development other to have particular distinguishing feature and the industrial base that expand latent capacity at the same time.

Breed to 2010 form base of 30 provincial properties, year advocate battalion business gross income achieves 700 billion yuan, profit tax 92 billion yuan.

Breed to 2012 form base of 50 provincial properties, year advocate battalion business gross income achieves 1.4 trillion yuan, profit tax 180 billion yuan.

[measure] :

Safeguard property base good rapid development

" opinion " in put forward to develop measure 10 times: Want to combine area advantage and distinguishing feature, plan saves an industry to expand position completely; Build industrial industry expert to consult a library, introduce an expert to coach base grows; Each property base wants the change according to the situation, the industry that revises good edition base ceaselessly develops a program; Want to execute an industry to enrol business and business of industrial chain action, the key introduces core business and industrial chain to be short of lose link business, raise the administrative levels of capital attraction and level; Should breed correlation to spend big, drive the bibcock company with strong sex, bring into category of ” of business of core of base of “ provincial property, the key attempers, the key gives aid to; Guide bibcock business development to specialization enterprise of form a complete set, guide medium and small businesses to share club of form a complete set actively, conduct a business outspread industry catenary, carry high yield to taste additional cost; Encourage company promotion to use advanced production technology, encourage industrial base and enterprise and scientific research orgnaization, institution of higher learing to undertake the strategy cooperates, enhance own innovation ability; Want to implement brand strategy, the key develops content of a batch of technologies the famous brand product with great potential of tall, market and enterprise, breed area brand; Accelerate socialization to serve systematic construction; Encourage relevant enterprise to establish cartel group, strengthen an industry to control oneself, effect of aggrandizement enterprise linkage, implementation resource is shared.
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