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Kunming will change after two years burn Burmese natural gas
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Advance what accompany construction of pipeline of oil gas of the remote in the move quickly, the company below oil division also intensifies the strategic layout of conduit along the line in. Yesterday morning, oil Kunlun burns gas in limited company (Kunlun of the following abbreviation burns gas) , the cloud casts group, Kunming gas group controls a limited company (Kunming of the following abbreviation is gas) , Yunnan Chang'an invests limited company (Chang'an of Yunnan of the following abbreviation) all directions is signed in elder brother " expenditures of Kunming city natural gas interest. Relevant controller discloses, after predicting two years, kunming citizen can be used from Burmese natural gas, in the meantime, the gas user that gas group place belongs to Kunming also can change stage by stage burn natural gas.

Oil quickens Kunming layout in

According to framework agreement, the Kunlun of Kunming of cooperative company —— that 4 units establish jointly burns gas (first denominate) will change means to run by the company, hold a scale to light gas to occupy for Kunlun respectively 51% , the cloud casts a group to occupy 20% , kunming is gas occupy 20% , yunnan Chang'an is occupied 9% . As framework agreement sign, collaboration just expresses to will accelerate a company to prepare to construct, declare conduit of business charter, city to burn gas to concerned branch concessionary right of administration, business manages relevant each job synchronism to spread out. Nevertheless, each all just did not divulge the company registers capital specified number.

Oil is opposite in media acceptance, the petrolic in will making full use of resource advantage, in in older natural gas index is striven for for Kunming city in cop of remote oil gas, when this collaboration company has coherent capacity, assure Kunming city and in remote cop aerates at the same time. Kunlun burns gas division of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad million of vise general manager discloses further, conduit of remote natural gas plans to built go into operation first half of the year 2010 in, conduit is long-dated year carry ability to be able to amount to 10 billion stere, kunming market can share the portion of about 3 billion stere, others will solve southwest problem of shortage of other city natural gas, “ is final, the price of Kunming natural gas may conform with international, particular value still cannot decide temporarily, can sign up for a country to be approved about the branch at the appointed time. ” in fact, kunlun burns gas is one is in the country is industrial and commercial total bureau is registered hold water only the “ new student of a month ” , but it is having celebrated background however, it is medium conduit of oil natural gas lights gas to invest company of oily group of limited company, China China to light gas facilities ministry and in oil burns gas the heavy composition such as finite liability company stands light gas to specialization company. Be in at present of 23 province, town of domestic, area 50 many big in urban operation and developed nearly 100 projects, already built pipeline of high middling pressure nearly 1000 kilometers, the city manages a network 3000 much kilometers, air feed dimensions above of 3 billion stere.
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