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Factory of olefin of distant in relief petrifaction is discharged to type of car
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Raise splitting decomposition to enrage compressor C201, C204 appropriately inspiratory pressure, can increase production ethylene. Zhang Xing of staff of unit of splitting decomposition of company of ' distant in relief petrifaction tries to offer this proposal. The following day, alkene factory optimizes a group to find Zhang Xing: ' is dug this go synergism proposal is very good, prove seriously together with us please, organize as soon as possible carry out. '

Through sufficient argumentation, optimize a group to increase compressor entrance pressure by 30kPa to 46kPa, d104 tower presses poor stability to be in 14kPa, solved D104 tower to cause the freeboard that press difference because of raising negative charge thoroughly this one difficult problem, promotion of installation negative charge comes 92% , according to estimation everyday increase production ethylene 25 tons.

This is of a mass character of factory of olefin of distant in relief petrifaction is dug go an example of synergism activity.

Group company ' economizes, dig go after synergism ' theme carries out an activity to begin, company of distant in relief petrifaction is dug go synergism activity from on to fall to spread out in the round.

Propylene closes rate is not high, is the problem in? Alkene plant personnel tower of rectify of look focusing propylene. Analyse a reason seriously, contrast repeatedly computation, excogitate the operation that reduces a tower pressure and in tower of D305A/B propylene rectify again boil implement the surface installs equipment of compulsive heat exchange dig go measure, project the result after using remarkable. Only this one measure, can raise propylene to close lead 0.5 % above, annual raises propylene yield 1600 tons, can achieve benefit to make an appointment with 20 million yuan more. Do not let off each detail, do not let off avery kind of likelihood. Personnel of plant of olefin of distant in relief petrifaction undertakes carpet type platoon check to potential benefit source.

Furnace of ' splitting decomposition scorchs time can shorten. ' draws lessons from industry success experience, alkene factory edits afresh splitting decomposition furnace scorchs plan, the change scorchs measure, raise high fever anxious temperature, increase splitting decomposition to enrage sampling to analyse frequency, pay close attention scorch the effect. Use newest scorch method, scorch time is shortened by 48 hours, but managing fuel enrages nearly 50 tons, middling pressure vapour makes an appointment with 330 tons.

Splitting decomposition device paragraph water has a condenser RW to be discharged many tons 100 continuously hourly, the factory optimizes a group to organize concerned unit and division system to return debit case surely, use useless old cop, by public unit station of 200 loops water guides cop to stand to 150 loops water, will residual straight drain off water sends into station of 150 loops water to serve as filling water, everyday managing and fresh water 2400 reach 2500 tons, year can achieve direct economic benefits nearly 2 million yuan.
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