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New technology of Tianjin town foul water gains a success
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Cultivated in wadi flowers and plants, not only can beautification environment, still can use them to draw the rich nutrition part in water, make sewage gets administering. Learn from concerned branch, as Tianjin city great science and technology tackles key problem one of projects successful complete of ” of demonstrative project of improvement of environment of “ town water and fountainhead protection, this mark is worn use hydrophyte to administer sewage this one new technology gained a success in this city a few days ago. According to concerning expert introduction, this city will use progressively promotion hydrophyte to restore the zoology function of wadi of water quality aggravation henceforth, use biology method the wadi of eutrophication, laky to water quality undertake be administeringed integratedly with reservoir.

As we have learned, this project is proximate outer shroud line, be located in Olympic Games board piece, living section of Hua Yuan living area and Li Qizhuang zoology is round board piece in the center of, it is the natural lake that village of inn of Deng of Li Qizhuang street is in Xi Qing area to be given priority to with piscatorial breed aquatics formerly, lake body gross area makes an appointment with 50 more than square metre. Come for years, because this lake area is larger, depth of water amounts to 15 meters, and boiler circulation technology is backward, make water system adjusts a project to cannot get improvement from beginning to end. To promote outer shroud river water quality further, li Qizhuang street and bureau of city irrigation works and city committee of science and technology cooperate, use body of former natural lake and circumjacent lot, undertake the project is built kissing water zoology, this project is started from 2005 up to now, always invest nearly 10 million yuan. As we have learned, should set an example the project covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 32000 square metre, with artificial wet technology is core, union is artificial float bed, explode steam is added oxygen, artificial cast 5 biology such as bacterium to treat corrupt technology, use hydrophyte to begin zoology water system to purify set an example. Upriver sewage, the special plant in carrying —— of water pumping station to always accuse room —— plant to handle a pool into cistern —— via clough —— is treated corrupt after technical divisions manages, became irrigate downstream to use water with water and pound, water quality index by the bad before purifying 5 kinds of standards obtained surface water 4 kinds of standards, whole modes of life and relation to their environment is treated corrupt the ability of day processing sewage of the project amounts to 4000——8000 stere, but replete two half swimming-pool. Introduce according to personnel of this project technology, this kind of plant is treated corrupt the technology is improvement of urban water environment and fountainhead protection the biology in demonstrative project is treated corrupt one kind of the technology, treat at present corrupt plant owner if more than kinds of 20 hydrophyte such as end of warbler of a few aquatic wild rice stem, bulrush, canna, chrysanthemum, rush, Sha Cao, they can absorb the element such as the nitrogen in water system, phosphor effectively not only, rise to purify the action of environment of water quality, beautification, and this kind of plant is treated corrupt the technology should be reduced than the cost of other processing means 3 into. As we have learned, act on the perfect principle side edge experiment, personnel of technology of city irrigation works insists to undertake 3 times extraction to hydrate test every week, in order to obtain accurate and reliable technology data, in order to facilitate later period is popularized.
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