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Xinjiang head therein water deepness handles next year go into operation
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Recently, the water in 7 bays answers Urumqi with the project formal start, what this start working builds above all is the clear water pool that two cubage are 1000 stere, this mark is worn Xinjiang head therein project of water deepness processing was pulled open prelusive.

Introduce according to Zhang Liangjian of project project manager, two clear cistern that begin construction that day always invest 2 million yuan, cistern is 21 meters long, 12.6 meters wide, deep 3.8 meters, can contain water 2000 stere, predict in October the copy is complete. Henceforth, spend the depth of water in regarding as last working procedure of processing, play moves the effect that savings water measures.

According to introducing, the water in 7 bays is answered always invest with the project 119 million, build at ground of obligate of 7 bays sewage treatment plant, use the aeration biology with advanced international to filter technology, predicting next year May but formal put into production is used.

Zhang Liangjian says: The sewage disposal craft with active “ , can make only treated in water reachs a nation 2 class discharge a standard. And the fountainhead after deepness of the water in the course is handled, can apply at irrigating not only, still can accord with industry to use water circularly. Help a company already managing cost, also achieved the goal of managing water natural resources. ”

It is reported, the fountainhead of whole project uses 7 bays sewage treatment plant and river east 2 class amount to sewage treatment plant mark discharges sewage, use filter of “ aeration biology ” of filter of fiber of + of mechanical agitate heavy Qing Chi handles technology, basically be area of garden of Mi Dong industry heat and power plant of gangue of divine China Xinjiang, medium the user such as heat and power plant of peaceful chemistry provide for oneself supplies industry to cool circularly compensatory water, use tap water plans before replacing, the pressure that with alleviating metropolis tap water is not worth badly.

Zhang Liangjian says, after the project is finishing, the water in processing of near future day can amount to 50 thousand stere, long-dated target can amount to 100 thousand stere, after processing in water can satisfy industrial recycle to use.

Current, the cop of pilot a ship into a harbour that grows 6 kilometers left and right sides already was among laid, its are in charge of diameter to be 1000 millimeter, but the river east sewage treatment plant is treated 2 class give water to be carried directly in in facilities of water deepness processing. The water in 7 bays such as aeration biology filter, V form filter answers the other label that uses a project paragraph construction also is inInvite public biddingIn.

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