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China is the biggest Henan of settle of project of paper face plasterboard
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Recently, one produces per year 100 million square metre administer of city of Luoyang of province of Henan of settle of project of product line of paper face plasterboard belongs to cease division the cease division industrial district that city head Yang Shan presses down.

This project always invests 320 million yuan, with the ground 230 mus, will build 10 thousand square metre of two 600 meters long 2×5000 product line of paper face plasterboard. Its craft characteristic is: Product line enters desulphurization gesso directly, through a series of full automatic chemical foreword, another of product line will yield the paper face plasterboard of all sorts of norms. The project is amounted to postpartum, can realize year of production plasterboard of 100 million face of square metre paper, sales revenue 500 million yuan, profit tax 80 million yuan, its scale of production will be “ China the first, the 2nd ” of Asian.   

This project investment just is father-in-law gesso Inc. , this company is below the guidance that holds to strategy of low cost dilate, undertaking yield inside countrywide limits can layout, in the whole nation at present 15 provinces, city, municipality had built 20 branches. Investment is being saved this in Henan is to hold the situation with advantageous Central Plains, level for great henceforth progress road. At present this company year total productivity already evened more 500 million square metre, course of study of person of the same trade of ascend body whole world 10 strong. This company acts on the development green building materials, concept that establishs green company, already became manufacturer of China's top-ranking new-style building materials, plasterboard of series of ” of its “ Mount Taishan won the title such as ” of brand of actor of name of building materials of green of China of ” of product of attestation of mark of “ China environment, “ , product home market is had rate be as high as 44% , export country and the area such as the United States, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, middle east. Cease division city creams for Rangtaishanshi (Henan) limited company project as soon as possible settle, use ground backfill folk recipe for construction only in finance side already in advance defray more than yuan 350, bureau of industry of cease division cable returns the transformer substation that built a 110 thousand bend over for this project form a complete set.

Concerned data shows, this product can be used at top of condole of partition, building, still have the multinomial function such as fire prevention, heat preservation, aseismatic, health care at the same time. The raw material that produces paper face plasterboard basically is the to decoke that arises with the heat and power plant the waste residue such as gesso, father-in-law company mastered desulphurization gesso milling successfully already, make board engineering technology, external outspread each pace resides ” with near neighbour of power plant “ .
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