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Shanxi coke price is reduced actively first
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Recently, learn from Shanxi cooking association, in the light of countrywide iron and steel the price drops, and the raw material price such as coke, iron ore resides the current situation that does not play high however, alliance of Shanxi cooking business decides coke price was in September on on lunar foundation every tons reduce 100 yuan, in order to solve the dilemma that steely enterprise faces. This is Shanxi coke price depreciates actively first in two years.

Since this year, the coke industry of Shanxi has raised price 7 times continuously, accumulative total carries price range to amount to 1400 yuan / ton. If carry valence to calculate for the first time from April 15, 2006, coke price rises had been as high as 2000 yuan or so. Suffer cooking coal to supply slant to be affected closely continuously, bridge of Shanxi province Lv, face the cooking coal such as Fen advocate producing area raises cooking coal to offer the price in succession, coking coal price already by every tons of 700 ~ year ago 800 yuan, rise every tons 2000 multivariate. Suffer the embroil that cooking coal rises in price, enterprise of Shanxi province coke is forced drive up price, current, every tons of price is in one class coke about 3000 yuan or so. But go tall all the way in coke price while, the sale situation of steely enterprise of home nots allow however hopeful. Data shows, since 2008, thin plate of cold rolling of breed of main rolled steel and wire rod price rise quickly, but began in June, all small are reduced. In July end, aggregate index of price of home market rolled steel 160.99 bits, than June end fall after a rise 0.48 bits. The building with provincial Shanxi falls every tons with wire rod steel in 600 go to 700 yuan. The steel in occupying assist disclosed data on April 29, 2008, first quarter, home is large and medium-sized there are 9 losses in steely enterprise, increase 5 compared to the same period, deficit range amounts to 12.5% . This year first half of the year, home is large and medium-sized average steel-making cast iron creates steely production company 57.57% , among them June is to rise compared to the same period more more than 70% . According to alliance of Shanxi cooking business relevant controller introduces, of steely price go low to make coke sales volume is affected ceaselessly, current steely market, coke market, coke price is not contradictory key, coke price falls more, fall less to did not fall not to settle the contradiction of market supply and demand September and increase of profit and loss even. Below the circumstance that at present the price of raw material coal has not fallen, the difficulty that considers steely company and be opposite for years the support of cooking enterprise and bilateral and long-term cooperation, cooking alliance agrees with coke price to get on every tons to reduce 100 yuan in the foundation August, the health that supports steely industry with real operation develops, at present to alleviate the predicament of steely enterprise uses up a bit one's pygmy effort.
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