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Fertilizer industry is blown again " custom duty hurricane "
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The special exit that reachs nitrogenous fertilizer synthetic ammonia since September 1, 2008 is moved to 150% on custom duty, carry out to on December 31, 2008;
Come from October 1, 2008 on December 31, continue to impose custom duty of 100% special export to removing the other chemical fertilizer outside two kinds of afore-mentioned products and chemical fertilizer raw material.
—— is picked from " committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council about adjusting chemical fertilizer kind the product is special the announcement that exports custom duty "
A few times this year the hearsay becomes actual condition to fall one after another, relative to the 100% special custom duty in April, the industry had had adequate psychological preparation to the ” of hurricane of “ custom duty September. After custom duty policy is announced formally, the enterprise grouses some lesser, some morer rational reflection.
Although the enterprise has realized, it is under new tariff policy, if the country does not adopt policy of relevant form a complete set to undertake giving aid to to the enterprise, the enterprise will face heavy difficulty even test of life and death, but before the overall situation that protecting interest of farmer of domestic natural resources, protection, most enterprise still showed due overall situation consciousness.
But at the same time, public figure of a few trades also puts forward, custom duty policy just protects a kind of resource, medium that makes sure home is supplied, from the point of the result that adjusts custom duty a few times, although be exported to chemical fertilizer somewhat keep within limits, but the cost pressure of the enterprise and produce can superfluous wait for a problem still cannot clear up, rely on custom duty policy only, will cannot from go up at all the contradiction that resolves the acuteness that at present the market exists; Resolve market contradiction, the long-term sex of national policy, before look up sex and crucial to the policy propping up of farmer income. To this, this print will publish inside and outside of course of study to know the wonderful analysis of a personage in succession, feel pulse fertilizer market jointly.
Hubei appropriate changes Zhang Xinya of group vise general manager: Of urea price elevatory, a lot of people consider as exit drive, but actually main reason is the raw material price such as coal is rising, exit is a less important action only. Such exit policy can make domestic enterprise more afflictive only, jockey even, but the problem that still is fertilizer of qualitative actor of cheap of insoluble farmer purchase price actually.
The value of the product is decided by cost. Phosphorous answer fertilizer also is same, without exit policy of high pressure, the price can rise euqally. The cost of 2 ammonium already exceeded phosphoric acid 4500 yuan / ton, the potassium sulfate of 45% is compound fat all cost is in 4000 yuan / or so tons, basically be sulfureous wait for raw material price drive. International market price is very high also now, if the country moves low custom duty, the profit that the enterprise still can use outlet comes allowance homeland farmer. Additional, it is OK also that the country received custom duty continuously direct allowance farmer. If phosphoric acid 2 ammonium 4600 yuan / ton, press 4100 yuan / ton sell, not quite actual, jockey only reduction of output. Present circumstance is, restrict that batch of fertilizer of exit, manufacturer comes out without production at all, now is to forcing reduction of output, supply of goods also won't too much, how can the price fall? Accordingly, current condition is such enterprises very very afflictive, difficult, and the farmer also did not get material benefit truly.
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