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The attune on existence of urea price fixing anticipates
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This nitrogenous fertilizer and the special exit that synthesize ammonia are moved to 150% on custom duty, under 185% of the fokelore before this, but even so custom duty, the exit of domestic nitrogenous fertilizer is impossible already. Additional, if price of international nitrogenous fertilizer continues to rise, the country still can continue to increase export custom duty. Accordingly, the essential jumping-off place of this policy is to prevent cheap resource outflow.

The attune on existence of national urea price fixing anticipates. As pair of strong step that adjust export custom duty, national near future is probable go up tone urea price fixing. Recently, national hair changes appoint put up with the big company inside this problem and industry and each district country endowment appoint attend a meeting research. At present the producer price of urea all is in 2300 yuan / or so tons, according to current anthracitic price reaching a plant, the cost of urea should be in 1800 ~ 1900 yuan / ton, 1725 yuan / ton highest price fixing is already unreasonable, if go up,move price fixing, the profit outside Zhang of a lot of enterprises will be reflected inside forms for reporting statistics, to appearing on the market the outstanding achievement of the company is a benefit good.

Chemical fertilizer early days drops to had mirrorred this to anticipate, industry existence trades sexual opportunity. Chemical fertilizer the near future adjusts range bigger, share price has mirrorred what custom duty adjusts to anticipate. If serve as pair of strong step, urea price fixing is moved on national near future, industry existence trades the gender invests an opportunity.