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Shandong sea is changed will " easy advocate " in the sea is oily
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On September 7 evening, shandong sea is changed (000822) issues the suggestive announcement that changes about controlling person happening actually, announce the company controls person general actually by state of Wei lane city endowment appoint refine of oil of the sea in turning into turns finite liability company.

Shandong sea turns a group with capital total 16.25 billion yuan dimensions was mixed last year 18.67 billion yuan outstanding achievement ranks year of business income enterprise of Chinese chemical industry 500 strong a list of names posted up head. This year July, shandong sea changes a group to continue to hold a title again enterprise of 2008 China chemical industry 500 strong the 1st, the industry includes to be industry of saline chemical industry with soda ash, potassium sulfate, bromic element, with coke, urea, 3 get together the industry of coal chemical industry that cyanogen amine is a delegate, the petro-chemical industry that with oil of derv, candle, oil Jiao Wei represents. Shandong sea is changed is Shandong sea change group division to issue what polyvinyl chloride is main product to be mixed exclusively with soda ash appear on the market company, the sea changes a group to hold 40.3365% , it is the biggest partner of the company; State of Wei lane city endowment appoint hold sea turns a group the equity of 80.3987 % , because of the effective control of this company the person is state of Wei lane city endowment appoint.

According to announcement exposure, on September 3, 2008, state of Wei lane city endowment appoint with in sea oil refine turns finite liability company (the wholy-owned subsidiary of head office of department China marine oil) signed " the equity that turns group limited company about Shandong sea delimits turn agreement " . Consultative agreement: State of Wei lane city endowment appoint its the Shandong sea of hold turns group limited company the equity free of 51 % delimits refine of oil of the sea in turning turns finite liability company, accordingly, sea oil refine changes finite liability company to will become what Shandong sea turns a group to control a partner in, become a company to control a person actually then. Announcement is oily without the sea in divulging with why be being planted cost acquires this equity. Actually, shandong sea changes equity to make over matters concerned already last a period of time one year many, meantime triumphant thunder group and Chinese petrifaction ever intervened, but regard an actual strength as the stronger, company that has important place in industry of Shandong chemical industry, beautiful female cherish marries ' ' , make over a few times all abortive. When changing a group to recombine not to cherish a hope to Shandong sea in the market, this year on January 2, shandong province government and in sea oil signs agreement of strategic collaboration framework, shandong is saved will with in sea oil is in integrated place natural gas of oil refining enterprise and haven dock, oil is in charge of net, city to light oil of gas, finished product to sell a network the respect development such as construction begins collaboration, before this in sea oil will march downstream domain posture is apparent in market of ground temper with fire and oil, at this point Shandong sea changes oily view of the sea in entering. The reporter was changed in Shandong sea July this year when the group is interviewed, concerned personage tells a reporter, although inconvenience discloses specific collaboration square, but undertaking negotiating with concerned strategy investor. This year in March, the reporter attends a province government and in when sea oil holds collaboration to lead meeting of group first time, sea oil expresses a conformity about the personage in and buy refine of Shandong much home to change the intention of the enterprise, turn interest of company of temper with fire of group subordinate ground to Shandong sea grumous. On September 3, shandong sea changes announcement to say, the company controls a person actually to will produce change, for this, shandong sea is changed the stock stops a card since 4 days.
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