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Tibetan extend is the biggest lithium resource base
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Tibet will invest 1.084 billion yuan of RMBs, use at extend noise made in coughing or vomiting of day of Tibet of —— of base of resource of the biggest lithium criterion the base of resource of lithium of the Ye that plunge into cloth of the area, further development uses the lithium resource of saline of the Ye that plunge into cloth, predict year of income even more 600 million yuan. Industry of Economic Commission of the Xizang Autonomous Region plans to punish responsible person, —— of base of resource of the biggest lithium plunges into China of Tibetan general extend cloth Ye saline, to its investment will be as high as 1.084 billion yuan of RMBs. After project building put into production, annual sales revenue can amount to 639 million yuan, profit tax 200 million yuan.

Saline of the Ye that plunge into cloth is the foregone 3 lithium resource on the world measure those who exceed megaton to exceed one of large saline, the bittern of its the earth's surface, bittern between brilliant and solid are mineral in all contain carbonic acid lithium, total reserve amounts to two million four hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred tons, among them only reserves of base of economy of the pilot in upper bittern amounts to seven hundred and four thousand one hundred tons. Lithium resources capacity is resided in China the first.

Plunge into the lithium natural resources with cloth Ye substantial saline to make full use of, tibet decides extend plunges into base of resource of cloth Ye lithium, promotion is produced can, current, the feasibility research report of extend project, construction uses geology of the ground, relevant project mapping of exploration, landform and annulus judge the job to wait to already was finished, infrastructure is built and relevant job is undertaking. Will be in salt of first phase lithium 5, 000 tons of / year salt of lithium of the construction on the foundation 20 thousand tons of / year, chloridize lithium 5, 000 tons of / year, metallic lithium 500 tons of / year, high pure lithium 200 tons of / year, lithium material 30 tons of / year etc lithium compound 490 tons of / year productivity.