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Luoyang pleaseds industrial development goes greatly " accept rice is crystal "
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Pink, Dan La, citric yellow, green grass green …… is adorning filar silk dot to illume on all sorts of color color, the glorious that as angle different commutation differs, beautiful like crystal round of beautiful Huan. 28 days, this kind of metope coating that by great comfort industrial limited company develops development independently is achieved by appraisal of province expert group international is advanced level.
The province appraisal committee that by association of Chinese coating association, industry of Chinese housing materials, province the unit expert such as hall of science and technology forms is concerned in examine and verify after data and spot examine, classics argumentation, be opposite this finally the manufacturing technology that the name is the metope inside ” of lacquer of colour of crystal of rice of accept of “ big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty to decorate coating forms appraisal opinion.
Appraisal committee thinks, coating of ” of crystal of “ accept rice cited material of new-style accept rice, have be able to bear or endure flyblow, be able to bear or endure stability of rinse, keep in storage is good wait for a characteristic, decorate effect ideal, environmental protection, energy-saving, product function achieves international advanced level, the proposal extends this product energetically.