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3 coal such as Yan mine control leave a matter for future consideration of oily
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Yesterday, national hair changes appoint publish on its website " the announcement that manages concerned problem about strengthening coal to make oily item " point out, divide divine China group already the coal that start working builds is direct liquefacient project, and indirect and liquefacient project needs coal of Ningxia Ning Dong outside continueing to be approved by program newspaper, uniform stop to carry out other coal to make oily item. This informs, the Yi peaceful coal that makes people builds to be in now makes oily project, Lu install coal to make oily project and the Yan mine coal that enter a newspaper to approve sprint phase make oily project generate doubt: Were these projects made stop?

The new announcement that issued this August says: “ classics my appoint applies for approval the State Council is approved, the coal that can continue to begin the work at present makes project of oily demonstrative project have already the spirit that start working builds China group company coal is direct liquefacient project. Company of group of trade of coal of divine China Ningxia and company of south Africa Sha SuoCooperatecoal of Ningxia Ning Dong is indirect liquefacient project, after needing to undertaking feasibility studies seriously, by the program the newspaper is approved, start of do sth without authorization is not gotten before winning approval. Outside removing afore-mentioned items, uniform stop to carry out other coal to make oily item. Various government investment is in charge of a branch to want to stop coal to make the approve of oily project instantly, forbidden break up the whole into parts, concoct various pretexts, violate compasses examine and approve. ”

This is not national hair changes appoint strengthen coal to make oily project manage for the first time. July 2006, national hair changes appoint allot " the announcement that about strengthening project of coal chemical industry health of construction management, stimulative industry develops " , the announcement puts forward, in industry of coal chemical industry development program work out is finished before, suspend project of all coal chemical industry examining and approve; Encourage an enterprise to use the advanced technique that owns own intellectual property. Should not approve commonly produce per year dimensions to make oily item in 3 million tons of the following coal.

After this, coal makes oil begin “ cold ” to come down. But, 3 coal of divine China group make oily item still advancing, one is E Er much this (8.6, - 0.34, - 3.80% , ) 1 million tons of coal are direct liquefacient project, this is divine China group the technology of own research and development. One is country of delegate of divine China group, be about to introduce south Africa sand to all alone indirect and liquefacient project, this project is built in Ning Mei, be like at present in argumentation phase. Additional, divine China group still plans in Shaanxi Yu Linjian a coal makes oily item. In addition, china still has 3 coal indirect and liquefacient project, among them two apply China of own research and development, the technology that coal of Shanxi of Chinese Academy of Sciences changed place to study a few years, bring group and Yi peaceful group in Lu respectively, construction produces per year 160 thousand tons demonstrative project. Additional, yan mine group prepares to build large coal to make oily item in Shaanxi, this project this year the beginning of the year has obtained national hair to change appoint examine and verify is evaluated.
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