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Pearl fiber and textile develop the current situation
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Underwear of nutrition of 1. pearl fiber
A kind of vogue that the name is ” of underwear of nutrition of “ pearl fiber tastes Yu Moxi of v/arc be on the throne newlyNew world internationalThe ” of “ Fu Ding of spin dress city appears on the market sadly without inn of stannic total distribute. Underwear of fiber of this kind of pearl uses nowadays spin trade ” of the most popular “ pearl fiber is the material that make, it looks to go up with market common women's different of underwear it doesn't matter, but feel with the hand, feel feel is more smooth and cool, softer than pure cotton, contact with the skin from time to tome a kind of unusually cozy feeling. According to introducing, full name of ” of fiber of pearl of so called “ mixes second birth in all for “ pearlCelluloseFiber ” , it is fresh water breed aquatics pearl powder breaks size of accept rice class, its are joined when fiber filature inside, make fiber interior and surface are distributinging equably Namizhen bead atomic. After people puts on pearl fiber underwear, pearl powder begins to complement ceaselessly nutrition arrives skin surface layer, and in a steady stream provides skin reborn raw material ceaselessly, make the skin smooth, exquisite, bouncy. It is changed through promoting human body skin to exceed oxide Qi enzymatic (the active of SOD) , restrain the formation of melanin, maintain the skin tender white. In the meantime, the place on fabrics contains fiber sticking gum to still make its contain moisture absorption, breathe freely, heat preservation, comfortable character. ” of underwear of nutrition of “ pearl fiber this kind of function
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