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Project of TDI of the Shanghai that do obeisance to ear is obtained approve buil
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Science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear is located in Shanghai unifinication to produce 250 thousand tons of TDI inside base to produce unit project to had won approval of Chinese relevant department, had begun to build, the plan hurled makings trial run 2010. Do obeisance to TDI of ear whole world to produce at the appointed time can will amount to 700 thousand tons, and the device inside unifinication base still plans develop to produce later on reach 300 thousand tons.

Additional, the world-class plant that the building of this project will make global head home use law of gas phase phosgene to manufacture technology, this will reduce solvent to use an amount 80% , managing specific power consumption 60% , reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity every year 60 thousand tons, accordingly greatly managing operation and investment cost and still have main effect to environmental protection, also can “ consolidates with optimized cost combination the lead position ” in global polyurethane market.

Do obeisance to ear to predict demand of TDI of the whole world inside metaphase will with of 4% year add rate progress, china is added as the main market demand of Asia-Pacific area rate amount to even double for 8% the left and right sides, do obeisance to statement of Patrick Thomas of chairman of board of directors of ear material science and technology for this: Of unit of production of “ Shanghai TDI build reiterated to do obeisance to ear the commitment that to China this whole world increases the sharpest market. ”

It is reported, project of this TDI production is the one part that does obeisance to ear to produce base to invest to Shanghai unifinication only. In construction of base of whole unifinication production, the plan that do obeisance to ear comes to opened up 2012 endowment 2.1 billion euro, among them 700 million euro is used at 2009-2012 year construction project.