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Of biology fuel of the United States contend for
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Developing biology fuel energetically is a when the United States ensures the sources of energy is safe significant move. In last few years, rise as the violent wind of international oil price, the ” of “ gold period that American biology fuel also entered high speed to develop. However this the sources of energy replaces policy to be not “ apple-pie ” , the United States gets Kesasi state government pointed out a few days ago, developing biology fuel energetically is a wrong policy.

According to the plan of bush-administration, american biology fuel makes dosage must achieve 9 billion gallon this year (1 gallon adds up to 3.785 litres about) , achieved 11 billion gallon 2009, achieved 36 billion gallon 2022.

Estimation of American energy department thinks, because develop biology fuel, the United StatesBenzineThe price reduced about 10 % , american consumer is annual and managing pay sum 28 billion to 49 billion dollar. In addition, development biology fuel still conduces to reduce greenhouse gas to discharge, increase farmer income.

However, the United States gets Kesasi state government not long ago puts forward, developing biology fuel energetically is a wrong policy, because of the United States the biology fuel of 1/3 is changed by corn crop and come, the result that develops biology fuel energetically brings about grain price to appear soare, pound the development of course of study of birds of the cultivate that get a state directly.

Li Fusi of presiding apparitor of company of ——Pilgrim's Pride of business of production of the biggest chicken censures the United States, feed price already “ loses control ” , this company is optical this year feed expenditure is cruel add 900 million dollar. He thinks, the policy that American government develops biology fuel energetically is “ mistake is mixed have annihilative ” , because this caused grain price to soare not only, harmed the interest of American consumer, and caused world food crisis.

Of biology fuel contend for, it is a cosmopolitan problem already. World bank says without public report, arrive from 2002 this year in Feburary, package commissariat price rises amount to 140 % . Among them, the “ contribution ” that the United States and European Union develop biology fuel to rise to grain price energetically is the biggest, be equivalent to driving grain price the corresponding period to rise 75 % . Additional, euramerican provide all sorts of subsidy to developing biology fuel, screwy market supply demand relations, cause a large number of cropland to be used at cultivating to produce the crop of biology fuel. Accordingly, when when the United States the farmer enjoys grain price to rise to wait for a lot of advantage with biology fuel allowance, a lot of poor countries are immersed in food shortage to produce convulsion even. Zun Like of world bank president is warned for many times, this food crisis is the ” with factitious “ completely, a lot of country peoples are faced with the menace of hunger and death accordingly.
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