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Aviation of heart Chinese Sha is appetent buy Austrian aviation
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Occupy German media 25 days to report, airline of German Han Sha had been conveyed to Austrian airline buy intention.

According to the requirement of Austrian government, the person that contest is bought can be in bid before September 12 this year.

According to the report, austrian airline plans to sell the share of 75 % , odd share will still by investor hold of Austria. Cut is consummate weekday, had had include ship of airline of German Han Sha, law - airline of Inc. of aviation of group of boat of carry on one's shoulder, China International, Turkey, Russia international airline inside many airline was conveyed buy intention.

Austrian airline shares employee to make an appointment with 8000 person, year turnover near 2 billion euro. Because oil rises in price,wait for an element, ao Hang appeared 2007 gigantic deficient, indebted amount to 900 million euro. At present this company market prise is about 4. 2.4 billion euro.