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Hasten of world sulfureous supply and demand is firm
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   Vitriolic crop suffers double double image of phosphate fertilizer production and sulfureous value to ring

Our country is vitriolic 70% with Yu Lin answer fertilizer is produced, the situation with not stable phosphate fertilizer affects vitriolic crop directly. Grow in phosphate fertilizer crop 3, in April, vitriolic crop is synchronous also grow. Among them vitriolic in March grow 3.6% compared to the same period, grew 10.7% compared to the same period in April. But to 5, phosphate fertilizer crop began to drop in June, vitriolic output fell respectively compared to the same period south its medium cloud 4.5% , 7.2% ; Guizhou dropped in June 13.6% .

In the meantime, high sulfureous price makes month by month of vitriolic market value rises, highest Ceng Da goes to 2000 yuan / ton, make downstream industry get into trouble, be like already inside the cost such as titanium white of acyl amine, vitriolic law, hydrofluoric acid raises about 4000 yuan / ton, compressed the profit space of the enterprise badly, forced an enterprise to strengthen useless acid to reclaim, condense, reduce vitriolic dosage, press low yield even. Since this year, area of river short for Zhejiang Province is sulfureous apparent start working is not worth the enterprise that make acid, 5, Jiangsu is vitriolic in June output falls compared to the same period respectively 25% with 8.8% ; Shanghai drops respectively 7.3% , 17.2% , tianjin drops respectively 13.1% , 10.4% ; Shandong drops respectively 9.8% , 2.9% , domestic vitriolic dosage drops considerably. Sulfureous consumption will drop substantially

1. Four quarters country still may father to close phosphate fertilizer outlet. To assure increase production of our country grain, want to assure the supply of chemical fertilizer above all. To assure the supply of autumn phosphor ammonium, the country publishs policy, phosphorous answer fat company will raise 1 million tons of 2 ammonium weak store, already signed an agreement recently; For Bao Mingchun of 2 ammonium supply, still will increase reserve of 2 ammonium winter at the same time. To four quarters, the country still can father possibly control chemical fertilizer export, be in probably the special custom duty of 100% is imposed even on the foundation of custom duty temporarily. The four seasons spends phosphate fertilizer to be exported very hard also in great quantities this year.

2. Quantity of farmer employ phosphate fertilizer will decrease somewhat. Circumstance of phosphate fertilizer consumption saw the basis 2007, as the promotion that the recipe that measure land fertilizes, the consumption of phosphorous answer fertilizer is in drop, plus rise of price of tall look forward to of phosphorous answer fat price, commissariat is lack of power this year, the farmer bears ability is limited, bring about a farmer to replace phosphor with nitrogen, reduced phosphate fertilizer dosage. Predict crop of our country phosphate fertilizer won't exceed 12 million tons 2008, than going up year will reduce 1.5 million tons.
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