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Hasten of world sulfureous supply and demand is firm
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3. Suffer other the course of study that make acid affects sulfureous consumption to will drop considerably. The whole nation is vitriolic the fall of total consumption, make 5, vitriolic in June output falls compared to the same period continuously 3.2% , 6.2% . But Jin Chuan of Jiangxi copper industry, Gansu Province, inside the buy of coloured smelt new clothes such as coloured of unconscious coloured, Shandong Yang Guxiang light, Yunnan develops ability adequately this year, anhui copper hill 400 thousand tons, Jiangxi copper industry 400 thousand tons, Hubei auspicious cloud wait 200 thousand tons build mine to make acerbity device, and the mine of and other places of Guangdong, Shanxi makes acerbity device production of full however load. Because smelt acid, mine controls acerbity increase production, unconscious vitriolic output grows 31.6% compared to the same period inside June; Jiangxi grows 45.7% compared to the same period; Gansu Province grows 26.5% compared to the same period; Hubei grows 16.1% compared to the same period; Shaanxi grows 12.8% compared to the same period. Although the sulfureous output that make acid falls, and mine makes acerbity, smelt make acerbity crop be in growth, because mine acid, smelt supersedes function acerbitily,make vitriolic total output did not fall too much. The smelt acid that uses hill of copper of the big smelt metal that fertilizer of Yu Lin answer produces, Anhui formerly begins to flow to Jiangsu, Zhejiang to wait since May other industrial acerbity area, smelt acid depends on price of depress of low cost advantage, crowded take the sulfureous market that make acid, jiang Zhe is at present vitriolic market price case already dropped 400 yuan / ton.

Our country will reduce yield of 1.5 million tons of phosphate fertilizer this year, basically be large company phosphorous answer fat reduction of output, sulfureous control acerbity corresponding reduction in production, will reduce sulfureous consumption this year namely 1.5 million tons. Add smelt newly to control acerbity unit go into operation, will raise vitriolic yield 1 million reach 1.5 million tons, what can replace 500 thousand tons or so is sulfureous; Because scoria restricts sulfur benefit considerable, domestic mine makes acerbity enterprise leave no stone unturned seek mine source, predicting mine restricts acerbity output increase production 1 million tons, can replace 300 thousand tons sulfureous; In addition, jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong sulfureous make acid decrease a quantity to make acid replace by smelt acid, mine, still have bad news is acerbity beyond chemical fertilizer the production reducing an amount of the product. The place on put together is narrated, our country will reduce 2.3 million tons of or so sulfureous consumption likely this year, second half of the year is consequently sulfureous import volume will drop considerably.

Forecast according to IFA of association of international chemical fertilizer, 2008 breach of sulfur supply and demand 729 thousand tons, decide an element plus other inaccuracy, breach of supply and demand will achieve 1 million tons of above. If China the sulfureous consumption this year drops 2 million reach 2.5 million tons, situation of the world's sulfureous insecurity of supply and demand will become loose somewhat, the price also will gradually hasten firm or fall after a rise.
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