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Nisshin-HEALTH listed on the first high global raw materials into a "driving fo
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GEM's first "double hundred" stock-HEALTH, listed on the first day of opening to 156.8 yuan, the highest intraday rise to 158.66 yuan, up 36.78 yuan a day, or 33.44%, corresponding to the price-earnings ratio of up to 154.5-fold, setting a GEM stocks of the "double high." -HEALTH has received more favorable for investors and institutions, the industry said: mainly optimistic about high growth enterprises, nearly three years the company has achieved rapid revenue and profit growth, and believe it is the first to enter the dietary supplement the field of non-direct selling agents industry enterprises. Data, 2008-HEALTH has occupied more than 10% market share, far ahead of other competitors. "-HEALTH successful listing and get the investors a high degree of identity, its core business has always insisted that 'from the world, health family' concept," chairman-HEALTH, said Mr. Liang Yunchao, we selected a global scale the best raw materials, in order to achieve the development of differentiation, the formation of the competitiveness of the core brand, as "dietary supplements, the first unit." Learned from the enterprise, general homogenization of the product in the industry, the constant-HEALTH adhere to the selection of different features in the global pursuit of high quality raw materials, product differentiation, and gradually built up their core competitive advantage. -HEALTH procurement team for different regions and different seasons of plants and animals there is a huge difference, taking fully into account the environment of raw materials growing or rearing factors that even the sources of difference, climate change, air and soil quality, raw material harvesting techniques, storage conditions. Cotton companies abide by a strict review system sources of raw materials, a global selection of the most suitable raw materials and put them to the Chinese consumers. It is understood that the present-HEALTH dozens of major raw materials and accessories imported from New Zealand, Norway, Germany, the United States, France, Japan, Thailand, dozens of countries and regions. As the end of June 2010, imports of raw materials-HEALTH ratio as high as 54.06 percent, the highest level of living in the industry. Meanwhile, in order to achieve a better selection of raw materials, will-HEALTH worldwide to build their own proprietary raw materials supply base. It is this will be "from global" carry out the concept to the extreme approach, gradually won-HEALTH dealers, the full trust of consumers, and be rewarded in the market, this becomes-HEALTH many years to maintain 70% more solid foundation for rapid growth. It is reported that the terminal-HEALTH retail sales this year, 1.7 billion have been successfully cross the threshold, and the rapid development of enterprise training after the listing of a strong growth foundation.