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Antioxidant is hot taste trade new central issue into health care

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Antioxidant becomes new central issue in sanitarian moral course of study, finishing original " the motion that encircle the ground " later, still extending antenna Xiang Kang to knit ceaselessly, restrain appetite, improvement the other sphere such as memory

Report of a when release according to company of Packaged Facts of orgnaization of survey of Newyork city field new research shows, the development impetus that the functional sex product that has stimulative health and hairdressing effect is presenting to grow quickly, 2007, american reached 270 much dollars in the charge of the defray on these products.

Specific for, american is in every year now the average expenditure on functional sex product is 90 dollars. To satisfy this kind of requirement of people, manufacturer home is giving infuse of this one market the power of innovation, e.g. , before 2007 11 months, global each district rolls out contain ω - the product measure of 3 increased 40% .

Among them, antioxidant has been in now afore-mentioned product domain establish firm position. Meanwhile, new antioxidant product is extending antenna to a few otherer functional domain, fight for instance knit, restrain appetite and improvement memory. Be in the United States, "The baby is wet " generation person goes up in pursuit health and vigor do one's best, they and its children believe it is OK to had done daily health to defend the work let them always nurture is green. These crowds become antioxidant " faithful advocate " .

Newest occurrence trend

Should study the report points out, in health and sanitarian product industry, hairdressing product and pigment nutrition kind product (supply nutrient part through natural food pigment namely) like antioxidant and vitamin, be two big burgeoning domain.

Stride gradually aged of level " the baby is wet " generation person and the children that they pursue nutrient style people paying close attention to information of those product of edible sex hairdressing, they favor the reason of these products depends on them thinking, these products can carry more gentle, natural kind, let people become more beautiful. "The baby is wet " 1/3 what generation person holds American mouth, they cost about 20 billion dollar every year on functional sex product, among them, drop the charge that can satisfy their yearning to healthy vigor product to go up to those increasing.

This research report paid close attention to this generation person particularly the longing to health and beautiful color of skin, discover the product that contains albumen of antioxidant, collagen to be able to improve cutaneous compound with etc is getting increasingly thereby their welcome. Meanwhile, the report still points out, pigment nutrition kind the product has the latent capacity that arouses people pole large interest. The propagandist view of this kind of product is, absorb natural pigment more to raise profit in order to provide sufficient camp as far as possible. This kind of concept has appeal especially to the youth.
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