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Open " medical makeup " mysterious veil

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"Medical makeup is tasted " one word results from France

Speak of " medical makeup is tasted " , people can understand to have medicaments effect immediately.

1998, osmund appearance cosmetic of France enters China, its are marked " the cosmetic that the whole world sells in drug-store only " ad saying, let us know for the first time, cosmetic also can sell in former chemist's shop.

Later " medical makeup " the concept is behaved for a time heating power 4 shoot, each are big drug-store is opened rose " cosmetic shop " , conduct propaganda all sorts of, spot of dispel blain, disappear, except knit the cosmetic that waits for effect to begin congest among them.

An agent that provides cosmetic to some chain drugstore expresses, a lot of having beautiful the blain of white, dispel, cosmetic that waits for special effect hopes to be sold into drugstore, because drugstore can give consumer to feel and trust with safety,feel, consumer wants the market with common prep above and supermarket apparently to the reliant degree of drugstore. And, the congener product that sells in drugstore is not much, walk along drugstore sale to let product brand more easily leave deep impression to consumer.

Is those who take chemist's shop " is medical makeup tasted " ?

Everyman thinks, the cosmetic that drugstore sells has effect of some kind of therapy certainly. Through understanding, castration inn is bought " medical makeup is tasted " , different drugstore can have different commendation.

In the drugstore of village of dweller of a few leech on to, do not have the cosmetic on people sense commonly, the salesperson often waits for spot of blain of a few dispel, disappear the frostlike powder of OTC skin milk of curative effect regards as " medical makeup is tasted " recommend.

a drugstore in a few high-grade office building, can hang " medical makeup inn " brand, vigorously sale a few fashionable cosmetic. A drug-store that is in edifice of peaceful of elder brother of area of Beijing rising sun is such, the cosmetic that one of layer place sell is not drugstore to make work only, the place that they just used drugstore sells common cosmetic just.

Have the cosmetic of a few drugstore additionally, it is people familiar to the ear can the brand of detailed, like osmund appearance, Woerma supermarket entrance is in " drug-store of the United Nations General Assembly in love " , and near bridge of white paper lane " every day very big chemist's shop " it is such.

"Is medical makeup tasted " does action have after all how old?

Zhang Xiaomei of vice-president of association of cosmetic of Chinese flavor essence expresses, be in the United States, medical makeup and common cosmetic are the most substaintial differ even if, medical makeup is the cosmetic that produces according to pharmacy standard a future life, it is the market of a fractionize of cosmetic, its product has specific aim more, wait for problem skin like dark sore, allergic, splash, excessive consenescence.
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