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Toothpaste is deposited unfavorable more than 10 months

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Consider to discover, if a lot of chemical material that contain inside toothpaste are agent of foaming agent, attrition, bind agent and flavor, anticorrosive antibacterial content, the meeting after depositing proper time produces chemical reaction, cause toothpaste metamorphism not only, return the decontamination that can drop toothpaste and Bao Jie function. Generally speaking, the storage life of toothpaste is 10 months, exceeded this time limit, deteriorate extremely easily. After the person of a little allergic constitution used degenerative medicaments toothpaste, still can cause allergic reaction.

Additional, lead pledges the toothpaste of crust deposits time to grow too, plumbic ion can enter toothpaste inside, use for a long time may produce chronic lead poisoning, bring about nerve to conduct decline of stagnation of slow, intellectual growth, savvy to wait.

Accordingly, use toothpaste should notice to produce date, the toothpaste of more than 10 months is unfavorable reuse.

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