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"Toothpaste of curative effect " is popular, who does consumer buy this to belie

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New rule executive toothpaste includes cosmetic management to prevent the cure such as swollen antiphlogistic rehabilitate the word is banned and more than

New rule wants to prohibit, "Curative effect " toothpaste is popular however, who does consumer buy this to believe?

Channel of xinhua net Henan on September 11 dispatch Great river net - Henan business signs up for a report: This month begins to carry out " cosmetic label administers a regulation " specific requirement, cosmetic label ought to tag watch of full class status, also include cosmetic management category toothpaste at the same time.

However, toothpaste labels cosmetic, need announces its composition at numerous, this whether with toothpaste enterprise " is trade secret " afoul? New regulation is carried out just begin, rise to surface again about the controversy of toothpaste.

■ investigation

Nominal " medical treatment action "

Into toothpaste " common fault "

Business newspaper reporter visits red of road of Zhengzhou city people supermarket of the lotus at the beginning of Louie sees hill of Ni Sichao city, Chinese redbud, mouth of Yunnan Baiyao gold be good at toothpaste is nominal be: "Composition of active of embedded Yunnan Baiyao, have haemorrhage of rapid boycott gum, ulcer of repair oral cavity, improve the function of gum gall, have at the same time avoid the problem such as atrophy of tooth gingivitis, periodontosis, gum. Have at the same time avoid the problem such as atrophy of tooth gingivitis, periodontosis, gum..

Blue sky 6 treat toothpaste to allege surely can improve " tooth gingivitis, acid is cold smartly, tooth of oral cavity peculiar smell, eat by moth, gall, haemorrhage " problem of 6 big oral cavity; Toothpaste of China Chinese herbal medicine is nominal but " reduce gum red, reduce gum to bleed " ...

Numerous brand toothpaste conceals the ground to allege none have " medical treatment action " , became toothpaste almost " common fault " .

"Toothpaste is commodity, is how you can saying cosmetic? " the staff member of responsible toothpaste sale is opposite a supermarket to regard toothpaste as cosmetic very do not agree with.

■ controversy

Toothpaste is done not have

"Defend makeup exact font size "

Does toothpaste calculate after all be cosmetic?

" cosmetic label administers a regulation " regulation, cosmetic definition is " with daub, gush, asperse other perhaps and similar method, apply at human body (the skin, hair, point to the) such as tine of toenail, lip, in order to achieve cleanness, maintain, beautification, decorate and change the outward appearance or amend human body odour, the product that carries kilter to be a purpose " .

This means the citizen such as dew of toothpaste, bath to wash bath things to also will be included cosmetic range daily. But, between our country other laws and regulations there is toothpaste in the definition to cosmetic.
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