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Health care tastes the market mid-autumn who advocate ups and downs

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High-end health care is tasted enter the most pleasant stage gradually

Recently, from the urban district Futailong, medium vast supermarket understands, the goods that heat sells before mid-autumn besides moon cake, more it is health care is tasted. Opposite at before of all kinds health care tastes the phenomenon that let a hundred flowers blossom, health care tastes consumptive market this year more and more the trend that presents polarization, among them high-end health care tastes brand place to hold share bigger and bigger.

According to grand of urban blessing peaceful modern city is shopping centers, medium the relevant controller such as vast supermarket introduces, start before a week oneself since consuming the market mid-autumn, sell the health care with good sign to taste breed to begin dimension of the stem of noble dendrobium of Xiang Tie skin, green treasure, 21 gold the traditional product concentration such as his, among them, the sales volume of iron sheet the stem of noble dendrobium is compared the corresponding period rose last year 40% above, iron sheet maple fights an industry to be obtained exclusively " traditional Chinese medicine follows a word " " stand auger " the phenomenon that the stem of noble dendrobium of card iron sheet appeared to demand exceeds supply even. And the health care of brand of very much line tastes sales volume to decrease somewhat than in former years.

The benefit that in the urban district health care of sale high end tastes gets hall of hall of curiosa of preserve one's health and aiguille drug-store, 9 heart, too with the drugstore such as hall, from August since the middle ten days of a month, iron sheet maple is fought, the sales volume that the high-end health care such as ginseng of Chinese caterpillar fungus, hill, pilose antler, American ginseng, bird's nest, abalone, fim tastes all promotes substantially than having before mid-autumn last year. From recently double cease since day, the sale that urban health care tastes moves toward a height gradually, enter the most pleasant stage gradually. It is reported, the urban district some drugstore is most a day only " stand auger " iron sheet maple fought sale to achieve several yuan. According to industry of drug of Zhejiang the emperor of Japan chief of Jin Hua agency introduces limited company, a lot of supermarkets from August the middle ten days of a month begins stock up, on September 1 up to now, "Stand auger " card iron sheet maple fought shipment volume amounts to 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, at present the order of this product has been discharged very completely.

Tell a brand to be begged even " pure "

Tomorrow is teacher's day, the Mid-autumn Festival, National Day also will following sb's heels and come, labor force waits for the health care of hair to tasted the market to cast off the worry with delicate summer, appear lively a lot of, iron sheet the stem of noble dendrobium is shoddy before was being experienced after the market disturbance such as incident and false aweto, when the citizen is choosing sanitarian gift this year, pay attention to brand and medicinal material more " pure " .
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