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Label of cosmetic of Shanghai beauty parlour is short of caustic serious

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Door of Shanghai The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced a few days ago selective examination to show as a result, the protecting that many beauty parlour use skin, catch send kind of cosmetic to exist relatively serious " the label is short of caustic " phenomenon, produce misdirect very easily to consumer.

As we have learned, door of Shanghai The Ministry of Commerce and Industry selectived examination in all of 70 batch that 38 beauty parlour use protect skin to taste, acquire hair agent. Via detecting, the merchandise that has 56 batch is eligible, selective examination percent of pass is 80% . And the problem that all unqualified commodity exist, all do not accord with relevant requirement for label project.

Protect skin to taste skin of direct contact human body, catch hair agent to belong to special purpose cosmetic, because this state level is right,the label of these commodity has firm demand. But in selectiving examination, unqualified commodity did not press 14 batch the regulation is complete tag licence of sanitation of distributor name, address, cosmetic to approve the content such as article date, perhaps lack production date of license number, birth. A few beauty parlour are used so called " entrance cosmetic " , did not indicate however date of article of approval of licence of cosmetic of agency name, entrance, true and false of consumer difficult differentiate.

Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry expresses, consumer is used in beauty parlour protect skin, catch when sending kind of cosmetic, unfavorable seek the price blindly costly, and should pay attention to quality. Suit him skin besides the choice outside the cosmetic with qualitative, qualitative hair, examine product label even carefully, especially sanitation of cosmetic of date, special purpose approves wholesome license the content such as date of article date, birth, expiration period.

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