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The part in publicizing a data individually about bolus beauty publicizes the ex

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On August 21, 2008, wang Hai sues dispute of contract of business of Inc. of building of Nanning general merchandise one case, with respect to my company (cosmetic of Guangzhou beautiful standing grain creates limited company) the content of partial conduct propaganda in publicizing a data raised doubt. Meanwhile, " daily economy news " etc media had a story. We make following excuse state especially with respect to this incident:

One, acknowledgment " daily economy news " reach each news media to be supervised to ours, adjure news media to continue superintendence of exercise news public opinion, make cosmetic industry get healthy progress, the enterprise in helping us growing gets great progress.

2, " daily economy news " after having relevant story, we take seriously highly, act on responsible to consumer height manner, in undertook be checkinged strictly oneself to the concerned doubt that mentions in the report for a short while. Check eventuate oneself: In announce handbill " endowment unripe hall is in Japan with art famed, bolus beauty is with major celebrated " , " virgin Yu Zhao and 54 years " , " Japanese eye ministry nurses expert " waiting for content is non-standard, misdirect consumer. We are Sino-Japanese and joint-stock companies, held water actually 2002. Although we used Japanese technology, recipe and raw material, but bolus beautiful brand and Japan did not concern directly, it is the Sino-Japanese and joint-stock brand that pure China produces. Here, we express cordial regret to social all circles with respect to the disloyal content in publicizing a data. Be in to us in growing process immature, non-standard, we are willing to assume all responsibility, adjure everybody to excuse. The data of non-standard conduct propaganda that at present we already got on to countrywide market undertakes clearing, carry out destroy by melting or burning to the propaganda paterial of misdirect consumer. Greeting society all circles is supervised.

3, here, what we need to explain to all circles is, since company of beautiful standing grain holds water oneself obtained broad consumer to approbate with banner technology, high grade product, cordial service all the time. Our product was had the honor to win 2004 " Chinese hairdressing vogue signs up for " issue " economy of influence China hairdressing 20 old famous brands " award; Had the honor to win 2005 by " organizing committee of week of vogue of China International hairdressing " issue " 10 have consequence hairdressing brand most greatly " award; Had the honor to win what issue by foundation of Chinese protection consumer 2006 " countrywide consumer is at ease brand " award; Had the honor to win Chinese hairdressing exposition 2007 " cosmetic of hairdressing of Chinese new and high science and technology is big award " .

4, the welcome has interrogative consumer to undertake communication through the way such as company hot line.

Dial following telephones please with the communication service of company of beautiful standing grain:
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