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Collect a source to look for a destiny of " of " foreign dad to had been met?

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Recently, collect a source to be bought by Coke Cola be related, be fried bubbling with noisely. To this, a lot of netizens are very distressed, after the afraid enterprise that collect a source is bought, will cause a kind to inflict heavy losses on to whole industry, some development that are Chinese nation brand even feel anxious.

The netizen's concern is redundant, for the moment is not carried. But collect a source to be bought this thing, be worth us really thoughtful.

An enterprise, when just starting, groups of big people in the same condition help each other, share happiness and woe, add policy to give aid to, capital tilts, just like caress a new student, do slowly do greatly strong, the brand also made ring. But one pass on, sell a foreigner however, from feeling, let a person be accepted hard really. What deserve attention more is, such example is not little still nowadays, a lot of bibcock brands are different the hand of foreign capital of rate fall sink. In the data makes clear the industry that already opened in China, before every industry is ranked 5 enterprise is controlled by foreign capital almost; In 28 main industries of Chinese, foreign capital has most asset to control right in 21 industries.

Search " foreign dad " has been the destiny met? I see may not.

The United States adds clean: This brand has home market formerly the portion of nearly 20% . 1990, shanghai home is changed as joint-stock as Zhuang Chen, "The United States is added clean " brand is laid aside. Shanghai home is changed at giving 500 million yuan to call in 1994 the United States adds only trade mark, but already lost precious opportunity, yesterday no longer!

China toothpaste: At the beginning of 1994, combine what benefit China acquires Shanghai toothpaste plant to accuse equity, the means that uses a brand to rent runs Shanghai toothpaste plant " China " toothpaste. Now nowadays, china toothpaste can be become in the market collect tasted!

Vigor 28: "Vigor 28, sanded city day is changed " , how to invigorate the advertisement of popular feeling at the outset. 1996, after the company when as beautiful as Germany clean is joint-stock, of the crop of joint-stock company washing powder of bilateral regulation 50% use " vigor 28 " the acceptance of the brand did not cash, throw 184 million yuan before 3 years to be used at in all " vigor 28 " ad fare of conduct propaganda also became a mere scrap of paper. "Vigor 28 " this well-known trademark has faded out of the memory of people cloudily.

Na Fu batteries: Since September 1999, make over through several, 2003, the equity of 72% falls into Ji Lie hand, batteries of golden Xiang Yu the Conqueror enters Chinese market 10 years, the market is had rate not as good as 10% Na Fu's. And the market outside the sea is being exited namely after Na Fu is controlled by Ji Lie, half productivity by unused.

Young nurse: Oulaiya bought France 2003 young nurse. After 5 years today, young nurse also disappears from the scene almost in the market...
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