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Joint-stock annex, tender ground " dry " native land brand

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Joint-stock annex, each conceive confidential thing

Joint-stock annex surface looks, the hope between the company that has an advantage each namely can score more gain through cooperating, make the enterprise is done do greatly strong. Cooperative object includes financial capital and dilettante capital and capital of a person of same business. , to capital of a person of same business, the cooperative photograph contrast between the enterprise is more complex, bilateral collaboration can share each other company natural resources, network of such as capital, technology, talent, productivity, brand, sale.

Last centuries 90 time are prime, native land well-known trademark is in a few large and state-owned companies centrally mostly, the enterprise because the reason of system mostly service advantage owes beautiful, below the setting that attacks in force in the foreign enterprise, pressing hope is passed joint-stock can cast off company difficult position. And each district government a when attract foreign capital to serve as those who raise achievement in one's post main index, the hope is passed joint-stock liven local economy, their actively pushs the collaboration of large quantities of state-owned companies and foreign capital.

The joint-stock purpose of transnational corporation criterion relatively concealment, because compare maturity to the understanding of the market, they are passed joint-stock gotten benefit is more than indigenous industry far. Is transnational corporation passed joint-stock what goal can you achieve that?

1, shorten the time that enters the market, reduce carry to make cost

If do not adopt joint-stock form to undertake becoming independent operational, so foreign capital enterprise is sure to assume independence to propose the fee such as market of employee of factory, invite applications for a job, development alone. And the existing production condition that can use native land company in joint-stock early days through joint-stock transnational corporation and sale network, enter the market as soon as possible, the steadier sales revenue that uses indigenous industry to bring at the same time can be his its oneself brand is developing apportion period overhead expenses and cost of sales. Combined 1994 at the beginning of benefit China and both sides of Shanghai toothpaste factory are joint-stock, the United States adds clean toothpaste to be able to calculate in China going up is prestige illustrious, year sales volume 60 million, exit measures the whole nation the first, it and China toothpaste are Shanghai toothpaste factory two profitable large family. Joint-stock hind combined benefit China to enter the course that develops steadily, those who have acid interest is to lose this two big mainstay, shanghai toothpaste factory was immersed in deficit in those days.

2, eliminate a competitor, resource of market of have the aid of

Will tell to transnational corporation, they are not lacked to capital, talent, technology, with the collaboration of indigenous industry they consider more it is market competition element. Indigenous industry does not have the advantage that attracts foreign capital in the respect such as capital, talent, technology, what let transnational corporation favour exclusively is the original brand of indigenous industry and market. If do not cooperate with indigenous industry, so everybody is the competitor on the market, and special advisability picks foreign capital company the ground was used change enemy the strategy that is friend. Although the level of management of indigenous industry and market run a level to lag behind quite, but can not compete in the market the suffering a crushing defeat in the process. The strategy that any enterprises meet the change according to the market and competitor changes his market strategy, can raise oneself in competition. The competitor often is best teacher, before indigenous industry so benefit not one of reasons of beautiful are the competitor that Gao Shuiping lacks on the market. If the famous brand of a few country at that time does not cooperate with transnational corporation, the effort that believes they also can pass themselves certainly expands ceaselessly. Can of evidence is, reach in Kodak and Chinese government in those days " entire industry is joint-stock plan " in a large-scale when the enterprise of annex China sensitive industry, le Kai held to the chasteness of his blood relationship, passing old tough effort is a force that cannot ignore all the time, and the unremitting as a result of Le Kai, kodak although the market is had,lead after entering China rise ceaselessly, but gain case is not good. The industry is changed in day, annex of treasure clean company billow surprises to wait for brand of domestic famous washing powder with panda, feel OK everything is just fine, extend wave of the discard be soiled that him price does not poor, green jade energetically, do not think little known strange strong, sly card is mixed however stand to wait in vain however a new force suddenly rises, they perhaps use value strategy, perhaps use channel strategy, perhaps use ad strategy, just be in treasure clean company haemorrhage way is fought in surrounding ring and ring, this explains, native land business is not certain in competing with the straight face of transnational corporation without the opportunity.
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