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Favour city strange Shi Wei measures elemental hairdressing pink to make the ski
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Recently, the laugh of house of favour city strange stone that is located in the outskirt austral favour smooth city is bright. The gentleman in the hundred that holds the position of chairman of a chamber of commerce of American and madam are very happy with it the strange stone powder that the ground prepares production with strange stone house does hairdressing to experiment.

Couple two each reach a hand, went up in the besmear on the skin stone pink. Child play resembles when bepowder, couple two become aware novelty is comical; But after passing 20 minutes, originally aged skin becomes white tender when rising, in pairs excitement must cry. The function of favour city strange stone causes the interest of couple of this pair of United States. Translating accompany below, they the manufacturing technology that one by one saw strange stone of whole favour city. In the center of hall is in a house, they are embedded round that on Mo Yan, the big tea stage that grows fine of day of grain of 2 meters a meter wide, stone to seize is click of the tongue more say to surprise. The gentleman in hundred expresses on the spot, want deal of collaboration of house of as strange as favour city stone, the sale that is in charge of doing United States of favour city strange stone always acts as agent, introduce favour city strange stone to the United States.

It is reported, since favour city strange stone is developed successfully in recent years oneself, already enjoyed some fame in home. Via assay of domestic authoritative orgnaization, a variety of 20 beneficial to human body elements that strange stone contains are compelling. House of favour city strange stone is divided outside developing tea service wine to provide with stone, nowadays is developing mineral water and hairdressing cosmetic.

Pink of hairdressing of anion energy active is to use a kind to be apart from already had today 500000000 eruption deposit of the history -- coagulate grey matter slate (favour city strange stone) , one kind when become via scientific careful treatment exceeds fine powder. The geological investigation that passes rocksy many sided and scientific research check, the microelement of 26 kinds of above such as natural activated carbon, Potassium, Strontium, zinc is contained in this kind of pure natural and deposit cliff, release a large number of anion ceaselessly, and accumulate contain tremendous energy, do not contain any harmful material, radioactivity material content is infinitesimal, have the special function of hairdressing and health care, can reach spot of beautiful white dispel, go knitting fight consenescence, stimulative skin is metabolic, increase cutaneous immunity power, still can adjust cutaneous water portion and grease component, have in absorbing pore microbial or bacterial effect, but trash of surface of deep-seated purify skin, grease, tighten up the skin, simple natural matter, do not have side-effect absolutely.

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