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PEEC plant extracts content to exhibit next month of preparatory be in order to
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The seminar extracts discussion plant content how to enter market of international high end

The seminar is one of major activities of PEEC 2008, also be Asia-Pacific zone plant the grand meeting with right clique of workshop of development of speech of special subject of policy of forum of technology of high end of first collect inside extraction content domain, international market, estate, business affairs, the communication community that elite of the associate of trade of domestic and international trade that devotes oneself to to extract content and relevant domain for the plant, technologist, industry offers an outstanding view.

The seminar will discuss industry economy to develop countermeasure of problem of difficulty of policy of situation, international market, heat, sale to suggest to wait for a lot of task, enter market of international high end to offer to drive Chinese plant to extract content decision-making with intellective support. From development angle discusses Chinese plant to extract products line of business to develop the current situation, commerce and technical trend, heat and relevant policy, make authority unscramble; Release an industry solely to develop research fruit, stimulative China plant extracts the communication of content enterprise and international market and collaboration.

American pharmacopoeia USP will attend PEEC word plant to extract content enter beautiful countermeasure

USP of American pharmacopoeia committee will attend PEEC 2008, in the meantime, senior expert Dr. John J.Hu that comes from USP will extract content in PEEC plant international market seminar publishs a theme to make a speech, to initiate person product of content of natural extraction of management of product of natural health of introductory United States and China exports countermeasure. Carry the business of USP attestation, can obtain the attestation letter that USP issues not only, still can reach a product in product advertisement use on label " USP attestation " label, conduce to this product be in the United States of the market enter and popularize. American federal law approves FDA to be carried out compulsively the standard of medicines and chemical reagents that USP establishs, and country be waitinged for by Canada is used directly, can obtain a piece namely through the attestation of this one authoritative orgnaization convincing " Id " . Accordingly, USP attestation entered American market to provide a help for Chinese enterprise not only, and created a condition to develop other country market.

Our country develops extraction efficiency successfully to raise the recovery equipment of 30% to appear on PEEC first

Guangdong equipment makes industrial academy will attend PEEC 2008, the maximum pressure of plant normal temperature that rollout our country develops independently is continuous recovery equipment, this equipment has extraction efficiency is tall, this equipment and hot circumfluence, supersonic wait for convention to extract technical photograph to compare, extraction efficiency rises about 30% , in addition, because equipment throws little, moving cost low characteristic and the favour that is extracted manufacturer home by the plant. Equipment is tasted for health care and the production of fluid of profess to convinced, capsule offers Chinese traditional medicine Chinese traditional medicine raw material, for Chinese traditional medicine modern innovation considers to provide new technical measure. Current, this project has been declared and accept a country to invent patent, professional personage introduces inside course of study, this plant recovery equipment has been achieved international is at present advanced level. In the meantime, the technologist that comes from this courtyard will publish thematic speech in seminar of the corresponding period, to the person that attend the meeting high pressure of introductory normal temperature extracts the relevant equipment of plant active ingredient and advanced technique continuously.
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