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Skin is white tender be too busy to have nostrum
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Decide the element of pore size

1, genetic

What decided the size of pore? It is genetic of course! It also decided no less than the skin type of a person and skin age are same. If you are oily skin, so oily cent can gather in your pore slowly, after oxidation, the color of pore can be deepened.

2, the age

The age also is one of factors that affect pore condition. As the growth of the age, once had had the sun to insolate especially the skin of experience, can begin to become flabby, lose the collagen with original skin and stretch albumen, at this moment, your pore can begin to expand, the skin all round pore becomes flabby and flagging.

Is pore OK really and invisible? !

A fact must tell you: Up to now, we still cannot use any nursing the product will narrow permanently pore. Of course, the cleanness that a few high grade products that protect skin and skin treatment can help us maintain pore and meticulous, make our pore becomes thereby not so clearly. But pore is a component with crucial skin, wanting to cast off them completely is impossible!

Pore nurses: A bit cleaner, a bit more complete

Since protect skin to taste helpless to purify pore, contractible pore, are then we still necessary to do pore to nurse? The answer is -- very necessary!

For pore meticulous product can make pore cleaner -- the pore decrescent that you can let on the vision accordingly, nevertheless such effect builds the base that uses these products regularly in you to go up. The expert that protect skin thinks: "Any the effect is provisionality, once your disuse these pore nurse product, your pore can return their former model afresh. Your pore can return their former model afresh..

Pore cleanness

Pore looks clean is the key with perfect color of skin, accordingly, the first pace that pore nurses does good chamfer to be mixed character namely clean. You can choose to use the clean product that contains 0.5 % to salicylic acid of 1 % low density, or it is 2.5 % to lactic acid of 5 % pH indicator or product of second alcoholic acid, it can stimulate a cell to update, maintain pore cleanness.

If you belong to very oily skin, so the proposal uses the clean face product that contains antioxidant NDGA part at the same time. What the fact proves antioxidant can pass the combustion that prevents oily branch to maintain pore is clean, it still can reduce inflammation, control excessive skin fat to secrete. In addition, very important is, any clean products that you use must be not oiliness divides.

Beautiful white + prevents filling water + bask in

If you have the problem with bulky pore, so the filling aquatic product that you select also must be not the product that oiliness distributes, had better be the same as with photograph of clean product ingredient or congeneric a series. In the meantime, the product that contains vitamin C or vitamin A can stimulate skin cell to update the generation with collagen, can make the skin organization all round pore becomes closer so send, more exquisite. As the elapse of time, pore also can become smaller more. And a lot of beautiful white products are contained fight phlogistic, go the composition that pigment precipitates, also can solve pore vision effectively to go up " black group " awkward, be worth to try.
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