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Let milk make a magic weapon of beautiful snow flesh
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One, face of smooth milk apply

The first pace, complete cleanness your facial, with Wen Shui, add the grandma that wash a face to wash your facial ministry clean gently, oily skin should notice to accuse oil.

The 2nd pace, with grind sand to cream the position such as place of abrasion forehead, nose ala, chin dies skin, please not energetically, should point to with the abdomen gently by pressure.

The 3rd pace, wait for angelica powder, honey, milk, pearl powder, egg white smooth, show cream shape, careful and even apply at facial wait for place with the neck.

The 4th pace, lie on his back 30 minutes, a few light music that oneself like can be broadcasted inside the room, shut eye repose. Await velar doing to appear.

The 5th, with Wen Shui gently film of scour off face, face film dry and hard is in, must not go with the hand dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, should use water slowly drench at facial, him film that treat a range after bate, square usable bath is clean.

The 6th pace, the ball-flower that use cotton dips in on tepid milk, swab carefully facial with the neck. Before sleeping in the evening, can use cosmetic no longer. When arriving to get up the following day, leftover milk goes up with the neck on scour off face again.

2, milk is moist and anti-creasing face film

1. Milk flour

Method: Mix 3 spoon milk and 3 spoon flour divide evenly, tone comes show mushy, ministry of Tu Man face, after the film that treat a range works, clean carefully according to the measure that wash a face with Wen Shui.

This film a week most can apply two, too be opposite too often skin is bad instead.

2. Milk olive oil flour

Method: Take 1 spoon milk, addend drop olive oil mixes with a few flour divide evenly, apply is on clean face, after working, clean with warm water.

Agent of this apply face is provided reduce wrinkle, add skin flexibility effect.

3. Milk strawberry

Method: dolly of 50 grams strawberry, filter with double deck gauze, in taking juice to transfer into 1 cup of Xian Niu are suckled, mix strawberry is taken to suckle fluid after divide evenly Tu Yu is facial reach cervical try to massage, after reservation suckles fluid to be made an appointment with at face neck 15 minutes, clean.

According to account this hairdressing suckles fluid to protect one of skin ancient secret recipe for Switzerland, can moist, clean skin, have gentle convergent effect, have likewise anti-creasing effect.

3, milk blanchs film of dispel spot range

1. Milk hydrogen peroxide solution flour water

Method: spoonful milk, two spoon hydrogen peroxide solution, 3 spoon flour and a few water are careful mix is even, besmear with soft brush next divide evenly is facial, after the film that treat a range works completely, wash with Wen Shuiqing again.

The water that adds the film that make a range is beautiful with containing the distilled water of foreign matter; When apply is used, should avoid to touch brow and eye.
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