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Homebred day changes essence must new technology " ask city "
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Current, it is in business of perfume of many 830 essence of domestic, go up truly of dimensions do not exceed a hunderd schools, the enterprise of close 90%% is medium and small businesses. Most and state-owned company and numerous civilian battalion enterprise is in in cheap market has brutal competition. As a result of the overcapacity, price great war on the verge of breaking out. And be in in high-grade product domain, state-owned with civilian battalion enterprise occupy than not quite, a large number of portion by 3 endowment company place control, state-owned combine oneself advantage urgently with the development of civilian battalion enterprise, domain of product of Xiang Zhonggao archives is extended.

Day changes essence industry to ask the enterprise is accurate hold market chance, through market survey, information feedback, product dogs wait for a series of methods, undertake having the production of dimensions and sale. But numerous medium or small day changes a product to produce a business, just spend day essence product undertakes machining production simply as a kind of traditional common raw material, and lack scientific recipe. Same, supplier of essence raw material also is pure only provide raw material, this makes day changes essence to produce what optimization did not get in the process to deserve to compare in cosmetic, also cannot distinguish after all which kinds sweet model fit which kinds of product. Extend ceaselessly as what day changes essence industry, apparent incommensurate market needs such sense. But, face the aggravate that foreign capital brand competes, domestic day changes essence enterprise to strengthen the research and development of new technology, new product only, ability gets used to the market, enlarge the market.

The personage inside course of study expresses, turn white-hot as what the market competes, will make more and more day change essence enterprise to change traditional management concept, undertake market fractionize and product refine, production has the product of oneself characteristic, get used to disparate arrangement of ideas to consume the demand of the group, in order to own more market share. And this need enterprise is on the foundation that knows the market, change traditional idea, use method of advanced science and technology, have research and development to essence product, locate afresh, depend on the lead position of new technology and industry of new product establish.