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When perfume uses undeserved and ill health, should not be dip in to asperse and
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Perfume is a lot of females love the United States are indispensable " equip " one of, it can make the person waves all over sweet, increase glamour. However, large area sprays or daub perfume, produce very powerful stimulative effect to the skin, easy cause the skin weather-shack. Accordingly, want on the use of perfume careful all the more, avoid to use powerful perhaps taste barpque perfume, light faint scent lets others easily produce pleasant feeling. The chroma of daub perfume is to need appropriate pilot, to often using the person of perfume, feeling fragrance appreciably inadequacy is the dosage with perfume appropriate chroma.

Perfume kind cosmetic points to perfume and toilet water commonly, alcohol of taller pH indicator is contained in its bases, a large number of water that volatilize quickly as a result of high concentration alcohol and take away skin cutin layer are divided, can cause the skin weather-shack. Additional, large area sprays on the skin the odour with strong generation, add the sweat flavor of human body, cannot give a person not only with comfortable, life-giving, wake cerebral feeling, can give a person malign odour stimulation instead.

In addition, the essence that contains in perfume synthesizes balmy agent for chemistry mostly. The chroma of its fragrance element exceeds chroma of natural beautiful sweet excretive greatly, produce undesirable effect to the person's respiratory tract, skin and central nervous likely. Because the copper of minim is contained in perfume, after be being shot via in relief illumination again, the ultraviolet ray in the light can make perfume has chemical reaction, the likelihood makes the skin arises red, smartly, affect dermatitis even. So, use perfume absolutely cannot excessive, if have allergic reaction,want instantly disuse.

Use perfume is unfavorable dip in to asperse and drip asperse, had better be to spray, such already OK and managing perfume, can get very good result again. And dip in to asperse and drip aspersed method, waste perfume already, not easy and even.