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Hairdressing of the 13rd 2008 Hangzhou beautifies hair make up catharsis things
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Hairdressing of the 13rd 2008 Hangzhou beautifies hair make up catharsis things exposition

When Between: On December 5, 2008 - 7 days

Dot: Hangzhou peace international exhibition center (carry on starts a journey 158)

Sponsor an unit: Hangzhou city hairdressing beautifies hair committee of union of combination of course of study

Hangzhou city hairdressing beautifies hair technician association

Undertake unit: &Nbsp; Hangzhou is new China the limited company that extend trade

Publicize media: " Chinese scientific hairdressing " " pretty woman " Zhejiang edition " sunshine beautiful abandon " Zhejiang edition

" discover resource · makes up with hairdressing " " the wind of another name for Guangdong Province " " medical aesthetic hairdressing " " filar art PREPPY "

" Chinese cosmetic " " professional hairdressing 777 " " hairdressing new fashion "

Zhejiang hairdressing net Hairdressing of · of Hui Cong net beautifies hair beautiful space stands Net of Chinese cosmetic brand

Cosmetic net Hairdressing of China of cosmetic net of China of Chinese cosmetic trade centre interlinks a net

Asian hairdressing net China of beautiful hairnet of hairdressing of China of Chinese hairdressing net decreases city of perfume of China of fat hairdressing net

Cosmetic of east of net of city of Chinese beautiful rich enrols dealer network Net of talent of Chinese elite hairdressing Net of Chinese biology hairdressing

Chinese hairdressing yellow page China joins in dealer network Yellow page of Chinese Medical Protection


Hangzhou -- Zhejiang visits provincial capital, it is one of our country's famous 7 big ancient capital, it is the politics that Zhejiang saves, economy and culture center. Have the honor to win famous city of Chinese history culture, China early or late again the title such as garden city of award of house of city of first-class travel city, model of countrywide environmental protection, U.N. person, international.

Hangzhou hairdressing beautifies hair make up catharsis things exposition is successful already 12 are held in Hangzhou, mutual come from countrywide each district to reach global beautify hair many 4000 enterprise shares hairdressing trade. The audience has come from Zhejiang and circumjacent area to be like and other places of Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi many 40 professional audience. Hold through succeeding every time, accumulated the database of giant and professional audience, become Zhejiang to save the most professional, most the hairdressing of dimensions beautifies hair cosmetic exposition. 2008 we greeted hairdressing of the 13rd Hangzhou to beautify hair again make up catharsis things exposition.

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