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Autumn day protects skin 3 element are protected wet go dying skin the Unite
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Autumn is right the skin undertakes maintaining the important season with repair

Autumnal air temperature is reduced, airy humidity also was reduced than summer a lot of. This moment, the skin cannot suit very quickly to the change of weather, the exudation of sweat gland and leather fat decreased a lot of, the skin can become dry rise. Divide this beyond, through long summer, the skin gets insolate the stimulation that reachs ultraviolet ray, go up in the skin plus metabolic litter deposit, the skin becomes extremely coarse, and easy generation acne, shading. Accordingly, autumn is right the skin undertakes maintaining the important season with repair.

Protect wet

The autumn is a dry season, the skin lacks water easily in this season, accordingly, want to notice skin filling water in autumn. And the simplest method drinks water more at ordinary times namely, because water is the most essential,add wet agent, can alleviate the skin is corrugate; Should use at ordinary times protect wet hairdressing to protect skin to taste; If the condition allows, can do cutaneous filling water to nurse to beauty parlour regularly.

In addition, still have a good method that gives skin filling water, often use sparge shape mineral water namely sparge of the ministry opposite side, the effect of this compensatory to the skin moisture is first-rate. Sparge shape mineral water besides buy besides, OK still oneself start work make. Particular way is: Vinegar of rice of teaspoon of in order to mixes with half premium, in loading its the bottle that has sparge unit next, can use.

Purify dead skin

The method of purify dead skin is very much, mm people dead skin creams or can be ground in the home with appropriative arenaceous cream come purify dead skin is harmed to make the skin does not get, go dying the gimmick when the skin and direction must correct.

Concrete step is:

1, when the dead skin on purify forehead, a handle gently presses the skin on forehead gently, the ring finger that uses another hand or middle finger by among to both sides small rub with the hands.

2, the two side of nose by go up downward small rub with the hands.

3, right face by go up downward small rub with the hands, gimmick is not heavy, do not want skin of beyond the mark drag, must gentle.

4, the gimmick of different face and right face are same.

5, when the dead skin all round purify chin and labial ministry, finger should be moved toward down the muscle all round the lip from in small rub with the hands of form of outward circular arc.

The cycle of purify dead skin, differ according to skin property different also. The cycle of person purify dead skin is general sensitivity cutaneous 1, 2 months 1; Drying cutaneous person, cycle is 2, 3 weeks 1; Neuter cutaneous person, cycle is a week 1 times; Oily cutaneous person, the cycle of purify dead skin is the shortest, for 3, 4 days 1. If use sponge to wash a face at ordinary times, go dying leather cycle can be lengthened appropriately. Because wash a face with sponge,this is when, had taken away cutin of one part ageing.
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