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Make the world brand of Chinese cosmetic attentively
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An economist once had said: The person that any does poineering work, the end that wants him only is correct, his concept is correct, his direction is correct, our metropolis is confident to him. Regard " bolus beauty as the owner of " , solicit comments of limited company of cosmetic of Guangzhou beautiful standing grain is such young, the person do poineering work in growing.

8 years ago, "Sun Huaiqing of general manager of " of beautiful standing grain is business establishment specific development target: Cavalcade of cosmetic of alive bound tip, make the perfect brand protecting skin that gives him China.

Come a few years, company of beautiful standing grain introduces day of square capital, technology, recipe to arrive from initial stage the road that devotes oneself to to be on own production research and development, arrive again with quality get victory, found own brand, to the woman that loves the United States ceaseless dedication gives new life to savour. Person of beautiful standing grain explained the " character, brand, product concept that savours " with his effort.

Character- - the sword that " bolus beautiful " starts city

The hundred years business that does Chinese cosmetic group the ambition that this is " of " beautiful standing grain.

And nowadays, foreign brand held Chinese cosmetic to comparative on the market chair, " of foreign brand of the " in consumer memory establishs the pronoun of cosmetic character it seems that. Bolus beauty wants to enter the world that gives his, sure meeting encounters the foreign brand that has content of powerful capital, high-tech and abroad background.

Should competing rule the region of intense Chinese cosmetic market, must with product function efficient, stable quality serves as basis, "Bolus beautiful " understands this deeply.

In poineering initial stage, "Bolus beautiful " with respect to establish " quality is first the management train of thought of " . No matter be the recipe of the product or raw material,introduce from Japanese mainland, in order to ensure of product quality sterling. And the modernization of complete set produces equipment, outfit machine waits if vacuum is emulsification machine, rarefied equipment of drying of water, large disinfection, automatic fill a moment to also be bought from Japan entirely, want desire its thing, stand first surely case implement. According to Sun Huaiqing's view, it is the product that " does not let go out from our product line has quality problem, a cosmetic that has a problem may kill consumer lifetime. A cosmetic that has a problem may kill consumer lifetime..

Good product quality appears on the market for " bolus beautiful " not only created a condition, after appear on the market also of favour that gained female love the United States and society approbate. Begin from 2004, "Bolus beautiful " is judged to be consumer of whole nation of " of product of satisfaction of customer of " whole nation, " to be at ease by foundation of Chinese protection consumer continuously product " and consumer of " whole nation trust well-known trademark " . .
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