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Cosmetic net buys " to ban fluid your " shifts to an earlier date the business t
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Although be apart from on October 31 " ban fluid to make " the time that release date still has a many month, the businessman of many management cosmetic is in static await " ban fluid to make " remove. Yesterday, reporter from clean out the website such as treasure, easy interest to understand, the network business of many management cosmetic has begun in succession stock up, before the network business of a few put up the shutters also opens business afresh in succession, the net buys cosmetic market to begin get warm again after a cold spell.

As we have learned, the net buys the market to trade every year frontal cosmetic occupied 1/4, see or have very big market demand. And " ban fluid to make " make cosmetic carries cost to increase, many network businessmen are small buying and selling, simply temporary stop business. But the reporter is in yesterday naughty see on the website such as treasure, easy interest, the storefront of many cosmetic businessmen lively rise.

The businessman of a net that clean out treasure tells a reporter: "Although ' ban fluid to make ' had not removed, but market demand is very big, although cannot mail, but we are satisfied as far as possible now trade with the city, and the customer that can accept land transportation. " introduce according to the businessman, photograph comparing is airborne, land transportation is to send toward not remote from businessman seat region commonly. If if time of long-distance land transportation is met,be compared slow, and cost is a few higher also.

The reporter returns discovery, before also having a few the businessman of put up the shutters begins stock up now. A businessman of easy interesting net tells a reporter, from June the middle ten days of a month with respect to put up the shutters, because cost pressure is too great. Although " ban fluid to make " had not removed, but if when inn of the reopen after removing, the market is grabbed early smooth. As we have learned, have this kind of idea sell the home to be absent a few.

In addition, the reporter investigated 10 women customer to understand, 70% had bought cosmetic on the net. Consumer expresses, because cosmetic is bought to choose to go to the lavatory quite on the net,basically be, and the price is cheap also, sort is more all ready also.

The newest network that provides according to cleaning out treasure net buys data to show, cosmetic sales volume holds the 1/4 of all commodity total sales volume, cosmetic of sales volume rank is discharged all the time advanced 3, although be in " ban fluid to make " during, sales volume rank also can discharge before entering 6. The personage inside course of study is analysed, so big market demand, "Ban fluid to make " after removing, the net buys cosmetic market to be able to erupt.