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The Shu Lei that foreign goods encircle and suppress issues is broken through
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Gu Zhang stalks or branch present as leading role brand style give somebody a new lease on life, whether bring new space to native land brand?

Right all the time without concealing anything Ke Lai says the Gu Zhang of word movie business, and wash protecting those who send the Shu Lei that taste business to cooperate is complete commercial activity more, he will chair finish 10 " propositional composition " : Put forward in Shu Lei " health is the most beautiful " film below the theme 10 SHORTFILM. On April 3 towards evening, a gang star such as Li Xiang of Gu Zhang Ke Yu, Hu Bing, Yu Na, Ceng Li appears in Beijing happiness village art center, personnel announces over related the easy bud brand of follower of filar treasure group, invite Gu Zhang Kewei is artistic and advisory, roll out " movie of the most beautiful fashion is excellent " thematic activity: Invite 10 young directors, collect 10 true screenplay to the whole nation, recruit 10 heroine, film 10 the ministry controls 5 minutes " fashion film " short.

Go 10 years, "Come to terminal do when media, regarding as is the directest platform that establishs a brand " " Shu Lei mode " ever be in fashion for a period.

And the propagandist theme of this Shu Lei, transfer from the function vogue. This also means the multiple pressure in the market and adversary to fall it seems that, of native land brand " terminal mode " stepped down altar.

Of Shu Lei new 10 years

Supporting fashionable activity is a tradition of marketing of easy bud brand. Before this, shu Lei has sponsorred century star to choose the United States with respect to Ceng Guan name contest, former start the activity such as musical show. Nevertheless, this " movie of the most beautiful fashion is excellent " , more the adversary that resembles Shu Lei waves soft do " wave Rou Zhixing " activity and open " wave soft self-confident institute " same, the propagandist theme of easy bud brand, transferred from the function on vogue and spirit.

And the time that new activity rolls out is an important hour to Shu Lei, because arrive this year, shu Lei had walked along Cheng of 10 single-page calendar. The view of Ma Yankun of general manager of department of plan of brand of the bud that press easy, had gone 10 years, easy bud brand entered new level. "From the function appeal to beg, arrive to appeal to fashionably beg, appeal to to affective beg, more or less to mirror the level sex that a brand develops. Shampoo this industry, or daily expense chemical industry this industry, it is fast consumable, the affection of special need and consumer is interactive. In future, light relies on a product to grow very hard continuously, functional sex, product is fastened and with consumer communicate, want to follow this brand to go forth. " Ma Yankun says to the reporter.

All the time since, shu Lei holds to from beginning to end " come to terminal to do when media, regarding as is the directest platform that establishs a brand " . March 1996, the Shu Lei of filar treasure company nurses after washing hair dew to appear on the market in Wuhan, depend on continual sales promotion, shu Lei in the whole nation each cities raised red storm, in home in each bazaar of big city, often have sales promotion activity of Shu Lei, people often also can see rolling the red of easy bud catchphrase is marine.
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