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The Shu Lei that foreign goods encircle and suppress issues is broken through
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Battle encounters in the native land brand and treasure clean, face that combines benefit China in, shu Lei acted the part of sharp-shooter. And pass the terminal intercept that lasts 4 years, also make Shu Lei came true annual the fast growth of 40 % , to 2000, easy bud shampoo has waved subordinately with Bao Jie silk of soft, Hai Fei is paratactic 3 armour. In period of at the height of power and splendour, shu Lei's sale ever was close to 2 billion yuan. With the synchronism of bomb of carpet type sales promotion to terminal, start the earlier brand that washs concept of the oil that send 焗 from the brand, to 2003 taste wheaten albumen newly, arrive again 2005, the recipe that depends on protein hydrolysate HYDRO-P innovates, shu Lei also seeks a breakthrough on the product all the time.

Had gone 10 years, a new product strategy came on stage. "Brand-new product can appear on the market in April, whole new product line of Shu Lei can elevate a new level. We now is do one's hair nurses not merely, had accomplished scalp to nurse; And, besides hair kind product, the product that the body nurses also can come out, meeting develop must compare whole product line wide, we will have 20 this year many taste newly. " Ma Yankun says.

The personage inside course of study sees, below the situation that if change move upon of industry a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound, foreign capital now,is in, shu Lei has had the sign that seeks new fractionize market quickly.

Big treasure pulls out

What form bright contrast with enterprising attitude of Shu Lei is, big treasure of another native land and strong brand goes on the road of backtrack however.

On Feburary 27, limited company of cosmetic of Beijing big treasure makes over what the message of equity appears in bourse of Beijing property right awesomely to hang out one's shingle in news announcement. Announcement says, the form that big treasure makes over is made over for equity whole, the 83.42 % that include the 3 hold of Beijing that show a plant are state-owned a 16.58 % share that holds a meeting hold with big treasure worker, hang out one's shingle trade the price is 2.3 billion yuan of RMBs.

On March 26 afternoon, hang out his shingle publicly firm full the equity of a month makes over information to be removed sadly from website of bourse of Beijing property right. According to bourse of Beijing property right trade convention, hang out one's shingle once information is removed, show this traded to had been finished.

The great deal of 2.3 billion, domestic day is changed what can afford in the enterprise is very few. Figure from this inside travel, what produce an impact with big treasure is probable it is foreign capital. Before this, about brand of cosmetic of a few large foreign capital, include to be born by force, elegant fragrant, combine benefit China inside, foreign capital will be received dish the message has been in come out ceaselessly. Among them possibility is the largest is to be born by force, the hearsay says strong be born with of bought issue exchange views to begin before a few years. Look with present case, no matter where home bought big treasure, crying for years " big treasure sees every day " big treasure is about to leave the market a back.
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