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The Shu Lei that foreign goods encircle and suppress issues is broken through
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What all evidence indicate market of China of decisive battle of brand of foreign capital cosmetic is prelusive already open. "Chinese day changes an industry to have many 4000 company, brand of 20 thousand cosmetic, but year sale does not exceed 50 in the enterprise of 100 million above, in monomer dimensions and respect of capital actual strength, still cannot contend with enterprise of foreign capital brand. " Gu Jun says.

Expect new pattern

Be abroad capital on one hand march, on the other hand, the traditional sale pattern that day changes an industry also is being changed stealthily. In the sale expert that studies day changes an industry for years Zhang Bing fierce looks, it is a characteristic with bomb of carpet type sales promotion " easy bud mode " the challenge that facing condition of line of business of estate of abroad and masked moral already, of native land brand " terminal jewel " arrived to step down altar when.

"Access will enter a brand-new development phase. With the Asia group of the biggest cosmetic brand shop -- the business of cosmetic major access that Sha Sha is a delegate, can give the Chinese cosmetic industry that will be in low administrative levels to compete continuously for years start upgrade newly method. " Zhang Bing fierce says to the reporter. Nowadays, the numerous and abroad famous cosmetic such as Sha Sha is retail enterprise in succession inland of march to China " horse race encircles the ground " . In May 2004, sha Sha handed over inland first retail business license tag applies for and at the beginning of 2005 formal blow marchs outback bugle, shanghai of settle of brand shop of cosmetic of Shou Jiasha Sha. First Hong Kong that enters inland with solely invested identity through CEPA is famous and retail interlink an enterprise 10 thousand peace, the store of the first concept that creates in city of Guangzhou the Milky way also at official in October 2004 start business, this company begins external high-key release its " in 2 to 30 branches will open in another name for Guangdong Province inside 3 years " development plan. Zhang Bing fierce thinks, these change also make Qu Chen that enters inland in the past quicken develop city pace, preparative investment is in China 130 million yuan 30 cities add 90 doors store considerably.

Those who submit official family name is strong and Sha Sha, 10 thousand peace, outspread, in Zhang Bing fierce looks, will make the market access of native land cosmetic turns to professional chain, resemble beauty of occurrence country of electric equipment industry, Su Ning same. Undoubted, this will bring manufacturer and terminal to sell of field new round of rich weichis.

To a variety of scene that experts describe, indigenous industry perhaps has more personal feeling. "Our new ad piece the theme is, ' 10 years, it is a new beginning. ' mode of the sale to Shu Lei, transmission, the argument of the outside is very much also, I should say, we succeeded in the past, have successful reason oneself, henceforth, we can continue to act on the principle of innovation. " in the talk with the reporter, ma Yankun states Shu Lei can follow from time to time to change, "I feel the business it may not be a bad idea of internationalization, native land business it may not be a bad idea, everybody is compete on a such markets, the most important is how you do good product to let your brand affect the market, is not to see only external competitive environment how, I feel immanent construction is more important. I feel immanent construction is more important..
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