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Jing An begins health care to taste cosmetic special punish
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On September 10, city health bureau understands reporter Cong Yichun, compare a disorder in the light of current health food and cosmetic market, masses report is outstanding wait for a problem, sanitation of Jing An county supervises a basis spirit of ranking relevant document, formulate special repair program, developed market of health food, cosmetic at the near future special punish works.

In punish activity, supervisory place key is opposite this county sanitation the health food of the place such as entire county drugstore, cosmetic inn, sanitarian things inn and supermarket and cosmetic undertook " the type that help a network " examination, in all fish does not have relevant approval article date, without production date, treat the effect to wait without Chinese designation, exaggerated conduct propaganda break the law violate plan product 87, add up to 417 (bottle, set) . Current, this already adopted different ground to seal up for keeping to violating plan product measure, wait to be handled next; To the unit of the problem existing in the examination, make known to lower levels of one by one rectify and reform advice note, 7 more to existence problem units undertook administration is punished.