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Antioxidant is hot taste trade new central issue into health care
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Product of be good at head makes new focal point

The product that contains amino acid, vitamin and protein is used to the function of exciting cerebra has gotten approbate and supportive in the market, 2007, product of 450 kinds of be good at heads and beverage are pushed to the market, it is the beverage of red ox energy that people accepts already for instance, since this beverage appear on the market before 10 years since the sale, it scored durative success.

In the meantime, the report points out, the product of be good at head that contains natural plant to extract content is making a new focal point. Current, the supply of product of be good at head is limited, their main point of sales is in those professional shops. But, as the amplification of phasic development and output, the sale that predicts product of be good at head diversification of terminal general incline to.

More and firm trend

As fat become a cosmopolitan issue gradually, more and more people are being searched can control appetitive product. Situation of this kind of demand drove the addition of innovation activity greatly, contain a lot offibrous food traditionally for instance legume is mixed vegetable new and popular.

Restrain appetitive product to develop now, had entered the 3rd phase, namely " mood food " level, and had entered the mainstream.
Be in Japan, the market is vigorous to the demand of mood food, and in North America market, the diversity of this kind of food is relatively defective, the product that sells on local market normally beverage of be confined to, for instance vitamin water.

Study the report points out, the demand that people can promote immunity and the product with healthy digestion to those also increases in faster ground.


FDA promulgates antioxidant guidelines

Management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) issued a guideline recently, in order to help the ticket demand that small business abides by concerned antioxidant product and efficient product. This guideline understands FDA to be opposite with the language watch of concise palpability the position that uses the place on nutriment content problem to hold in prandial replenishers product.

The guideline reiterated FDA was in on September 23, 1997 " confederative bulletin " (Federal Register) on release edit byelaw, that byelaw general " efficient " definition of this one term states for nutriment content, and still used the term of descriptive antioxidant will define nutriment content, for instance with " good antioxidant origin " or " contain a lot ofantioxidant " etc have state.

"Antioxidant "

The guideline affirms further, describing what exist in food to fight level of oxidation nutriment content is statement of content of a kind of nutriment, may try to use with superintending a regulation according to food label and food.

However, fight statement of oxidation nutriment content to be able to be in only following case dirty goes out: Nutriment is having those who decide is daily absorb referenced cost (RDIs) , and get what approbate scientificly fight oxidation active. Scientific evidence must make clear a kind of nutriment to be opposite after be absorbed by gastric bowel path and be absorbed the freedom inside human body base produced an effect.
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