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Antioxidant is hot taste trade new central issue into health care
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To use " contain a lot ofantioxidant " statement, every food must be contained 20% or the daily reference of above is worth (DRVs) or RDIs. And should use " good origin " statement, every food must contain the DRVs of 10%~19% or RDIs.

FDA is aimed at β clearly still - carotene makes the special demand that refuses statement of oxidation nutriment content. This kind of statement can go out in following case dirty: β serves as in food - the content water flatfood of the vitamin A that carotene exists makes such statement quite. For instance, if make statement is " having good source fight oxidation β - carotene " , so, the RDI of the vitamin A that there is 10% at least in every food must serve as β - carotene.

In addition, fight oxidation statement to still must include to belong to the nutriment name of antioxidant, for instance " contain a lot offight oxidation vitamin C and E " .

"Efficient "

The guideline still stated FDA to " efficient " the definition that makes, that is, this one term can be used to description with RDI 100% or some kind of vitamin that higher proportion exists or mineral.

If this one term is used on the label of the product, and this product still contains other nutriment, so, label must show which kind of vitamins clearly or mineral be called " efficient " , for instance " some kind of plant that contains efficient vitamin E extracts content " .

To containing the product of a variety of composition for, if what it includes vitamin and mineral 2/3 above is achieved or exceed RDI level, so it can be called " efficient " product. If the nutriment that a kind of food contains accords with efficient statement, it also must want to satisfy the policy that FDA makes to food aggrandizement place.

"Without candy "

The guideline of FDA is clear still, "Without candy " statement can be applied at prandial replenishers, if these replenishers satisfy certain level.

These standards include, the product still must is by mark " low quantity of heat " or " little quantity of heat " , or it must be carried " the relevant statement of utility of special and prandial replenishers " . If product of a kind of replenishers cannot use statement of low or little quantity of heat, so, it still can use the statement that do not have candy, premise is, it must be concerned in code of level of contented FDA provision " low quantity of heat " requirement.

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